October 23, 2020


Temple Square (East 1 District)


Sister Lili Riquelme Azua

Fun Final Week

Today is the final p-day of the transfer. Already done with another one. This week we were able to do a couple fun things starting with on Sunday. We were finally able to go to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building chapel for the first time! Last week we watched it digital as it was the other half of the mission that was going in person. It was an amazing experience to be able to feel the love of all the sisters together, even if it was only really half of our mission. We could listen to the sisters give their departing talks and feel the peace of the sacrement. Next week we'll be able to go in person as well as it will be Sister Riquelme's very last Sunday on the mission.

On Tuesday, I hit my three-month left mark, I only have three months left as a missionary. Ill be going into my final 2 transfers on Wednesday. It's really crazy. I know I'll be able to work my very hardest to serve God during these last few months that I have here at Temple Square. Also on Tuesday, was a birthday party for Sister Hueyopan. She turned 20 on the 20th. I love her so much, she is one of my greatest friends! We did a small surprise party with just a couple sisters because you can't have too many people, but we were happy to celebrate her and her life.

Wednesday, we had a meeting with the technology people for the church to talk about the computer switch we are having in our mission. Most of our computers are pretty old and so it's a big process to switch all of them to newer computers with new systems and teach the sisters how to use it them. The goal is to be able to be the most efficient we can be. It's just about working out the kinks. We'll see if come next transfer I will be the Technology Coordinator again for my 4th transfer.

Today we had our zone service Project for the transfer. We wrapped trees in Christmas lights! We spent all morning wrapping each branch of the tree to make a bright and beautiful plant to admire come Christmas time. It was a little tedious, but very fun and our hard work will look amazing when everything is completed. Maybe next Christmas I can be even better about helping my dad hang all of our Christmas lights! Finally, for this last pday we were able to go mini golfing at the same place we went bowling last week. It was glow in the dark mini golf for 9 holes. It was super fun, even though neither of us were that good. It was a chance to just be silly and hit a little ball around. It was pirate themed and we listened to the Pirates of the Caribbean music played over the speakers. Overall a fun and interesting week. We'll have to wait and see what happens for next transfer.
Talk to you all again later
Sister Christensen

P.S. Did I mention that it's freezing in Utah?


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