October 16, 2020


Temple Square (East 1 District)


Sister Lili Riquelme Azua

Little excitement, but time moves on

This week is pretty boring to write about, not much happened. We were hoping some of the buildings are going to open this week for people to visit, but sadly they were not able to open due to an increasing amount of COVID cases in Utah. One day the buildings will be open again to in person visitors, but for now the digital tours are option to go with. Lots of wards, investigators, and people from far away places have been able to enjoy the history found at Temple Square and the Conference Center.

On Sunday, our mission had our very first sacrament meeting in person since March. We were so excited! Sadly, I wasn't able to go as they can only do half of our mission at a time, so we'll be going this upcoming Sunday. We are still so excited to be able to start doing it in person again and broadcast it over zoom for the rest of the sisters.

Tuesday, we had our district council as normal and our district members Sister Roberts and Sister Alvarez we're able to lead the discussion. They did you so amazing and it was really cool to listen to some of our sisters speak and teach of the importance of the gathering of israel. Districts are like our family away from home. We support each other and learn from each other. I have loved every Sister that I have had in all of my districts. Next week we will be able to hear from the other companionship in our district.

In other news Sister Riquelme had a fun little photo shoot on Wednesday morning to take pictures with her big 1 and 8 balloons. She wanted it for when she went home to celebrate her 18 months on the mission. She goes home in just 12 days. She is sad to leave the mission but very excited to see her family again in person. This transfer is coming to a close, but we have work still left to be done.

Even with the set backs and challenges, the world will move forward, so should we. Our goal is to look forward and move toward the Savior, Jesus Christ. As we do, we can never falter from our eternal goal of living with our Father in Heaven again. The race has already started and we need to stay on the course to the end. Even with the twists and turns, the walls and aching muscles, the path WILL take us to the end. We can make the decision now to follow His path and we will never be led astray. I love what one of the sisters shared with me recently. During the day the North Visitor Center seems completely empty, just a building. When the world gets dark around it the light of Christ will shine through. Never forget that darkness is what really reflects the light of Christ the best. Hope you all have a great week. Talk to again next week!

Pictures also include what happens when tours are late.


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