September 25, 2020


Temple Square (East 1 District)


Sister Lili Riquelme Azua

Time Keeps Going

Another week goes by in the mission. My companion got her flight plans this week and is one step closer to returning to her home. She is excited to work hard this transfer as well as be able to return home at the end of this transfer. This week was also a mission tour with Elder Schmutz of the Seventy.

To start with on Monday we got a new member to our district! This transfer we got 22 new sisters to our mission. We got 11 sisters on transfer day and 11 more on Monday. One of the sisters in our district was meant to be training, but had to wait for her companion-to-be to arrive in our mission. On Monday Sister Weech became the companion to Sister Nolan in our district. Sister Nolan was reassigned from Brazil and Sister Weech will be temporarily assigned with us until she can get into her actual mission in Portugal. We are so excited to welcome her. We also found out that next transfer we will get around 44 new sisters from online MTC. That is a lot of sisters if you didn't know. We are all excited to invite every new sister to our mission.

Tuesday was our first zone council together. We were able to talk with our district and about our new theme of the transfer which is the Gathering of Israel. I am so excited to learn more about how we can help in the great work of bringing other people closer to Jesus Christ. I know that as people discover Jesus Christ more in their lives, all people can find peace and hope in their struggles.

Lastly we had a mission tour this week. That mostly means that some of the leaders of the church will share with the mission to help us grow closer to Jesus Christ and gave advice on how our mission can improve. They split our mission into 4 sections and we each had a chance to learn from Elder and Sister Schmutz. One of the big topics of conversation was our opportunity to study everyday. In the mission we are given an hour of personal study everyday to be able to understand the scriptures better. It is not something that we can have in normal life very easily. I am grateful for the time I can spend better understanding the scriptures. It is something I hope to keep up when I go home in January.

That is about it for this week. So, not much was happening. As always I look forward to the new things that I can learn every week and the new experiences I can have to meet with new people everyday. Until next week!
Sister Christensen


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