September 18, 2020


Temple Square (East 1 District)


Sister Lili Riquelme Azua

Into the Fall!

It's my pday once again, this time on Friday with the new transfer. I can already tell we are heading toward fall as the temperature is barely reaching 90 on the hotter days. Pretty soon, we will need sweaters for the morning chill. Wednesday was the start of my 10th transfer. I only have 2 more after this. It was also full of changes.

This week we had Dairy twice. Once on Monday and the other on Thursday. We spent the time cleaning the machinery to help with the transfer from hot coco to dry milk mix. It was hard work cleaning through all the equipment, but everything we do helps people in need. We talked with the worker and he told us how hot coco was one of the most popular products and with COVID and other natural disasters the need for them has spiked a lot. The workers and volunteers work hard to have enough to feed everybody. The other time was Thursday and we actually worked with packaging the dry milk. It was definately messy. We quality check the bags to make sure they were properly sealed. When they aren't we definately know on our clothes. A little mess is okay when all of these can go to homes to act as food storage supplies.

On Wednesday we had transfers. They decided to do it a little different this time. We found out the moving list on Sunday night and had a little time to pack. I found out that I was moving within Brigham once again. On Monday night we got the transfer board and found out our new companions. Once again I will be sending a companion home. Sister Riquelme from Chile will be my new companion for the next 6 weeks! Sister Hueyopan joined a trio of Spanish sisters and I know she is going to have a blast!

On Wednesday we got up early to move all my things to my new apartment and find our new companions. My new apartment is smaller then our last, but I'm still grateful to have a nice place to live all the time. In a new zone, new district, new room, new companion. It is definately a change. I still look forward to seeing what I can do to serve everyone around me. I still serve as a District Leader this time with Sister Riquelme. We also stayed as the technology coordinators which is good, becuase I have more problems I am working on improving before I am done.

We'll have to wait and see how the transfer goes. Including General Conference which comes up in just a few weeks. Very different from my Conference last year, but no less enlightening. Start preparing now to recieve the answers you have been searching for. I know they can come as God inspires the great people who lead us in this dispensation. We never know what will happen. Until next week!

Sister Christensen

Photos: New companion, Packing, Cleaning TC means finding lots of stray BOM, Last District Council,


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