August 27, 2020


Temple Square (East 2 District)


Sister Hueyopan

Service Project and Zone Conference

This week was exciting with Zone Conference and and a really fun service Project as well as a few other things. It started out with last Friday where we covered the Cannery shift at Welfare Square. We worked hard at packaging salsa for a few hours before we took a break to get some pizza and back to work. We filled the rest of the day with lessons and teaching opportunities.

Saturday and Sunday were exchanges. I went first with Sister Clayson who is in her last transfer of the mission. She was reassigned from Japan and she has so many great experiences. I am honored to be able to learn from her and develop some of the skills that she has honed. During our walk around square we came across a nice couple that came to Utah to elope and they were curious about what we believed. We, of course, were happy to share and hopefully we were able to touch their hearts in the process. We exchanged back towards the last few hours of the day because Sister Clayson and her companion had a meeting to attend. Heading to square we had the last few assignments of the day only to get stopped by another protest heading toward the capital. With the group so close we, once again, need to get escorted home. We are at least glad that we can always be safe with the church security watching out for all the sisters.

Sunday was another exchange this time with Sister Kienitz. She is in her second transfer of the mission in training with her companion. She is super sweet and ready to work! It was almost a miracle that after our one scheduled virtual tour we had two impromptu in person tours with people on square. I love how God always sets people in our path when we are really trying to learn something together on exchanges. One little girl really wanted to see the Christus Statue and we were lucky enough to give her a virtual tour inside the North Visitor Center to see it. I'm glad we had a chance to learn together and have an awesome time.

Monday was Zone Conference. It feels like our last Zone Conference was only a week ago, but it has been a whole transfer somehow. We met in the morning and learned about skills of communication and how to work well with those around us with love and patience. We also talked about the lessons we learn from the atonement and how to continously apply those in our lives everyday. I know that the Savior can improve our lives if we let him. He is not going to force us to accept his help, it is up to us to use his sacrifice in our lives to make our burdens lighter. We all have struggles and hard times. We can find hope in better times through Jesus Christ. Whether trials end in 5 minutes, 5 weeks, 5 years, or not until the next life we can know that through the power of the Savior we will grow and become stronger each day.

Finally on Monday we had the Days for Girls service project. I remember volunteering there my first transfer and it has been almost a year since that time. For those that don't know, Days for Girls aims at providing menstrual health kits to women and girls in impoverished countries. This is something that can drastically improve a woman's quality of living and opportunities. Recently women in Lebanon have seen a need for these kits as menstrual product prices have inflated rapidly. The sisters on Temple Square stepped in these past two weeks to do what we could to help out. Our zone set out to top the record of 850 kits in 2 hours. We managed to complete 1100 kits. It was super fun and a great project to work with. I love the ability to serve on my mission and to know that everything I do will help someone in need. We all struggle, but some struggles could be solved with the right helping hands. It reminds me that we need to always be striving to help God's children in every way we can. As we all work together more people's prayers will be answered and they can find hope in the future. As we serve we will discover our own answers and knowledge of the greatness to come. Keep serving and I'll talk to you again next week!
Sister Christensen

Pictures: Beautiful family from Chile
Exchanges with Sister Kienitz
Being escorted home again, smaller group this time
Days for girls
Zone Conference


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