August 3, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Hueyopan

Preparing for the next phase!

The final preparation day of the transfer! How these past few weeks have flown. As always the transfer board came out last night and I'll be able to share what will be happening with me at the start of next transfer. For one thing President Larsen has changed that the moving list that, before, came out a week before transfers will now come out the Saturday night before. This is to help us to better focus on our purpose and working with the companions that we already have. I think it will be a good change to help us remember why we are here, which is to do our part to serve the Lord.

Last Tuesday we went to Welfare Square and worked at the Dairy. The Dairy takes the longest out of all the buildings, but it is also really fun. We worked in the Hot Chocolate powder and quickly got into a rhythm of packing the bags into boxes and switching around. There is something about simple work that is so calming. Not everything in life needs to be super complicated. We can spend time enjoying the little things in our lives each day.

On Wednesday we worked on another kind of service. Sister Hueyopan and I worked to create new pictures for our teaching books for our whole district. Every sister has a flip book of pictures that we can use to help us teach and explain things. There were a few pictures not included that I thought would be useful and added to my own. We worked hard on completing them for the rest of our district. Other sisters in the mission have also been asking for the template so they could make one as well. I'm glad I could do a little to help other sisters have more tools in their teaching arsenal. We are also working on more zoom links for our virtual tours. So far we only had 2 which was not enough for the multitude of virtual tours going on, especially for people in Brazil and the Phillipines! Sisters can use their own links, but those have time limits that can make it hard to focus and make tours feel rushed. We helped to create a new signup method for the sisters to use the new codes for their tours. It will start being used this Thursday! It makes me so happy to create new solutions to problems to make others lives easier. Not everything in life can be fixed so easy, but if the little things are solved then the bigger issues can seem a little easier to tackle. My time here has really shown how touching on the little things in the moment will get a lot more done in the long run when it comes to teaching and serving others. I can't make anyones life perfect, that isn't possible, but I can do my part to create a little more light and a little more happiness in the lives of those around me. Each of you can do the same. Never forget how much the little things matter and how much your effort, no matter how small you think it is, matters to God.

Thursday was our chance to hike Ensign Peak for the transfer. Always a time to marvel upon the world that God has created for each of us. It's a moment to see the temple built by pioneer hands for us to appreciate today. One day we'll walk the grounds again and the temple will be even more beautiful. We are also going through construction in our lives. It's hard, inconvenient, and annoying, but important for our protection and development to one day return to God, made spotless through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The rest of this week was learning and setting goals for improvement as well as teaching people online and on square. When transfers come around it reminds us that our time here is very short. We need to use it to serve the Lord and allow him to change our hearts to become the people he wants us to be. Saturday night the moving list came out as I mentioned. I do not have to move! I get to keep my nice room another transfer. Sister Hueyopan is also not moving, we'll be staying together for another transfer! She really is an amazing missionary and I'm excited to learn from her more and more. I was sad, though, that both our roommates will be moving away, but I know they will be great in their new locations.

Sunday night the transfer board came out and we found out that we actually won't be getting new roommates. That will be interesting. We'll have to have people visit a lot to help fill the emptiness. Even though we are staying together we did not stay in the same zone. We moved from West 1 to East 2. Our new pday will be on Thursday and we are in a new district with new sisters. We did stay as the Techonology Coordinators for the mission for another transfer. I am really looking forward to getting to know our new district and serving them and my companion every way I can as the leader of our district. I really want to love them in every way, learn from them, and help them continue on their path to follow Jesus Christ more and more everyday. It is just another opportunity to serve and show my love for them.

Sorry for a rather long email this week, it will be shorter on Thursday. I am so happy to be a missionary. I have been out for almost a year. I entered the MTC on my Father's birthday last year and I am grateful for the sacrifices that he and my mother provide for me and my brothers to help us accomplish so many amazing things. I am grateful for their devotion to God and the promise they have made and kept to rear their children in a loving home filled with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful everyday for the gifts I have been given. Each of us have gifts we have been given. The Earth itself testifies of God's love for us even in the midst of trials and struggles. Keep in mind the commandment we have been given by Jesus Christ, "be of good cheer." There is so much to be happy about. If you are not, search and you can find the happiness you need in your life. It's there, I promise. I love you all and talk to you later!
Sister Christensen


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