July 27, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Hueyopan

New learning day by day

This week I feel like I was able to grow a lot spiritually. From our different lessons, exchanges, and people we have taught. It is nice to recieve that spiritual pick up more often. We began with our Relief Society lesson from Sister Larsen. She talked about the talk "Wrestling with Comparisons." It explained a lot about how we need to get rid of the comparisons in our life and love us being us. We are unique in different ways and we all have talents to contribute to the world. It is really true how none of our efforts are wasted and we can each contribute some of our life to the world.

Thursday we exchanged with our Zone Leaders. It was only for a short part of the day, but Sister Lopez taught me a lot about how we can be more open and relaxed when talking with people. Although walking around square we talk to only a few people. We were able to talk to a lot in the hour we had to walk around. It seemed like everytime we turned around we had someone to talk to. I am grateful for the chance to talk with people all the time and be able to learn from the insights others can share with us. We also had an awesome District Council and talked about having humility to trust God and his will for us. God's will is always greater then ours. As we rely on Him, I know we can find greater joy and peace in our lives through following his plan.

Friday was pioneer day in Utah! We were celebrating the day the pioneers first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847. To celebrate the occasion we watched the movie Legacy. It was a movie about the pioneers and some of the many hardships they had. We also had some of our mission leaders share their family stories of the trials the pioneers faced in their journey to find religious freedom.

Our last lesson was on Sunday when we learned more about the importance of the scriptures and studying diligently. Within the scriptures are everything we need to know about eternal life and finding joy in this life. I would invite all of you to search on the importance of your relationship with God and how He can help your life improve everyday.

In my time on my mission, I know that God can truly help us with our trials and give us peace in our hardships. We can learn and grow so much when we rely on God everyday. I am excited for my time here to continue and my learning to continue. I love you all so much. Can't wait to talk with you all again next week!

Sister Christensen


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