July 13, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Hueyopan

Technology, a great blessing

We are almost halfway through the transfer already. Time just moves faster and faster here in Utah. This week we had some time at the Bakery. I have to say, if anyone ever has the chance to serve at Welfare Square, I would definitely take it. We have so much fun and it all goes to people in need. I will be a little sad someday when I am no longer able to work at these amazing places once a week. Whether the Dairy, Cannery, or Bakery they are all amazing.

We are still trying to make progress in correctional Services. A couple weeks project has become a couple months. We try to work for a few hours every week alongside our normal missionary activities. We are making headway on the large filing cabinets and one of the senior missionaries let us know that we have digitized over 2000 files so far. Just one of the many ways God has given me to serve his children.

The virtual tours on Temple Square are in full swing. Sister Hueyopan and I have not had the chance to take one yet, but we can see all the sisters going around with cell phone tripods to assist them in their teaching efforts. Many of the tours are in Portugese and other languages. I am excited to take one myself sometime in the future. If any of you have been wanting one please send me a message over Facebook and I can find a set of sisters available to take you on a tour! Even with the hard times in the world we just want to spread light to all around us. We may need to use technology, but we can still form connections with people from all over the world.

Other things from this week is making sure all the computers are working all the time. Sister Hueyopan and I were called to be the Technology Coordinators for the mission which seems to be a more involved responsibility then we originally thought. Our computers and systems are breaking almost constantly. We are working on new solutions for reporting problems and helping all of the technology be a little more organized, but it is still a work in progress. The goal is to make it easier to inventory the working items we have to really know what we need to get more of!

Technology is a great blessing in this time. People are still searching for enlightenment in their life and we are always happy to offer prayers and share a spiritual message with those around us. With the opportunities I have been given, there is no choice but to work extra hard. I love the work I am doing even on the days when nothing seems to go right. Truly, I hope you all appreciate the blessings we receive daily. The sun is still rising and the world is still turning.

I love you all lots and hope you are doing your best to find the happy moments in life. Talk with you more next week!
Sister Christensen


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