July 6, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Hueyopan

Fires and Fireworks

his week has been interesting to say the least as we celebrate Independence Day. Last Monday we officially got our new mission President! He is amazing and I am so excited to work with him and his wife for the remainder of my mission. Each zone had an opportunity to meet them and talk with them prior to our official interviews. I am thankful for the opportunity to benefit from more then one mission President to learn from during my short time as a missionary.

The rest of this week was filled with 4th of July activities. Already on Friday people were lighting up fireworks. At one point we watched from our window as 2 people lit fireworks in the parking lot of the building across the street from us. A little while later we were hearing sirens outside the window and I went to see what vehicles were passing by. Little did I know it was firetrucks parked in front of the building across from us which had flames coming out the top! A house next to a Big O Tire had caught fire and the firefighters were there to put it out. We watched as they worked hard to get the fire out. Luckily they were successful and it doesn't seem to be too much damage to the building besides the scorched backside.

Saturday was our activity. The sisters split into 2 groups by zone and traveled to the presidency's home in centerville Utah. There we were able to play games, eat hot dogs, and just have a fun time. It was a great opportunity to talk to sisters and just relax a little bit. That night we were also able to watch fireworks in the distance as the citizens of Utah celebrated.

That was the end of the fires until early the next morning when a strange sound woke us all up, around 3AM. At first it was just annoying, but it would not stop and it was loud! I quickly got out of bed to investigate. As I glanced into the hallway I saw the fire alarm blinking and realized what the sound actually was. Quickly the sisters in my apartment got out of bed and traveled the 8 flights downstairs and out the building.

A firetruck was just arriving and they entered the building to investigate. There wasn't actually a fire luckily, it might have been some of the chemical workers who set it off by accident, but we were allowed back int he building to return to bed. None of us slept very well the rest of the night.

In other news COVID is still a problem here in Utah. Some of the security workers and workers at the apartment building have been diagnosed with the virus. It's still important to saty safe and we still wear our masks everyday.

Some also may have noticed the new virtual tours of temple square! It might not be entirely the same as in person, but at least we will be able to show people the inside of these amazing buildings once again. The only problem we are having is the inability to schedule a tour right now. It completely booked up overnight for the next few months! We are working on getting more time slots for all those interested in still participating.

We'll have to wait and see what happens! Talk to you all next week!
Sister Christensen


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