June 29, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Hueyopan

Crazy Days!

What a crazy week I've had and it isn't over yet! Last Tuesday was moving day for the mission. As Sister Malmstrom moved her things to DA, I was able to move my things with another sister to my new apartment in the building. No sisters were living in our apartment for the last couple transfers, so it was clean and ready to use. More on that in a minute. Sister Malmstrom and I had our last day together as companions. She was my first companion to not send away (outbound or home). I love her so much and I know she is going to teach so many amazing brazilian people with Sister Paixão.

Wednesday was transfers and I got my new companion Sister Hueyopan! She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in a spanish speaking household. Most of the time she wears a Mexico flag to represent her heritage and the language she speaks. I am so excited to be with her as she hits her 6 month mark later this transfer.

On transfer day we left our stuff in the North Visitor Center while we did a little bit of TC and strolling to wait for our keys to our apartment. Around noon we were still wondering where the keys were. All of our food was in our new locked apartment and we were getting hungry. After calling around and waiting a little longer it seemed as if our elusive keys would never find us. Finally around 2pm we called our Zone leaders and they lovingly offered to make us some food to eat.

The story isn't over yet, because we found out that there was some mistake and our new roomates had both sets of keys to the apartment. They were out shopping for food themselves and so we were stranded for a while longer. We had a few more things to do on square but finally made it to our apartment around 7pm for a late dinner and a quick unpacking.

Our room has a lot of positives and negatives. It is a very large room with separate beds. One of the very few rooms that isn't a bunk bed. We are super lucky to have it and our apartment is big. For the negatives, no one has been doing maintenance for the past couple months. The bedroom doors are off their hinges, the showers and not working properly and we are missing all the basic cleaning supplies such as a broom or a mop. It isn't perfect yet, but we are working together to get the place were it needs to be. I still count my blessings that I have a wonderful place to live as I strive to serve the Lord.

Other exciting news is the no approaching rule has been lifted. We can talk to people on square again! The buildings are still closed, but I love taking the opportunity to talk with the visitors on the ground, answer questions, and share some history with the few photos we have in the flip books we carry around. We can teach online and we are slowly able to teach in person once again.

On Thursday we had District Council and met with our new district. Our roomates are actually in our district which is super awesome. Sister Cummard is a few transfers ahead of me and Sister Cummings was just reassigned here from the Philippines. Our District leader and her. companion are also amazing. I can just tell that this transfer will be a great one!

On Saturday a sister in our zone had her 20th birthday. The zone got together to surprise her with a short party. 20 girls running down the hall giggling all the way is the funniest thing in the world. Signing up for a mission I never imagined the sorority life that came with it. Still, I love all the sisters here and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. So much fun, love, and service is shown everyday.

Yesterday was our last Sunday with the Fishers. As I am writing this President and Sister Fisher are returning home and President Larsen is coming to preside over the Temple Square Mission. We will have a meeting with him tomorrow at different times so all the sisters will have a chance to meet our new mission President. Each zone had one last chance to say goodbye before the Fishers left, but they will always be apart of the beloved Temple Square Family. I am so excited to meet our new mission President. It may not be easy, but change brings new experiences, knowledge, and friends. As the saying goes "All these things shall give thee experience." I know that God really cares about each of us and wants us to become like him. We can't do that if we aren't allowing him to mold us. It isn't easy, there are good times and bad, but in the end everything is worth it when we can enter into the arms of our beloved Father in Heaven with our family at our side. Through Jesus Christ all of this is possible. I'm excited for the new to come and I look forward to writing again next week!
Sister Christensen


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