June 22, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Victoria Malmstrom

New Transfer Coming Soon!

Happy late Father's Day to all the fathers out there. I am so happy to talk to my father yesterday. I love my dad so much and wouldn't be the same without his guiding hand and watchful eye. He helps me remember my father above who gave his son so I can have peace and joy in this life. I really am thankful to all the fathers in the world. If any of you haven't seen the church video "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" I would definitely invite all to watch it.

On to this past week! Not too much excitement happened this week. We still have as many lessons as we can and strive for new people as the transfer wraps up. We found out the moving list on Thursday. Sister Malmstrom and I won't be together next transfer sadly, but her new companion is amazing. She is moving to the other apartment building, DA. I will be staying in the same building, but moving to a different room. It has been 6 months since I moved into 520, but it is time to say goodbye.

On Friday, Sister Malmstrom had a doctors appointment. We drove to Layton Utah to get her knee checked by the Fisher's son in law. She has had problems with it since Brazil. Luckily, she doesn't need surgery or anything just a little physical therapy to correct the problem. As I said before most if our data are not the most interesting. I still look forward to talking to all the people we are teaching and seeing how they progress.

Sunday was goodbye to the Fisher's. They don't leave until July 1st, but they gave their departing talk over zoom. Some of the old sisters even joined in the call with us. They talked a lot about building our heavenly homes day by day. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build the best homes. With a new mission President on the way, it is important to continue working hard. The last thing to mention is the transfer board.

I am moving to the top floor of the building. Hopefully, it has a great view. I am staying in the same zone and will have the same pday of Monday. My companion has been out for about 6 months and speaks Spanish! Her name is Sister Hueyopan! I am excited to get to know her more for this new transfer.

The next time I send an email I'll be in Transfer 8. More adventures to come!
Sister Christensen


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