June 15, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Victoria Malmstrom

Short time between pdays

It hasn't been long since last pday, but a few things have happened. First off was the Mormon trail Hike. It was a blast. It wasn't too hot and the scenery was beautiful. The ground was pretty flat with a few water crossings. It was a nice change to be outside and enjoy life. Towards the end of the hike it got really swampy. We managed to make our way across the muddy ground without too many falling in the river. It really was a great time. The water at the end was really clear and we were given permission to put our feet in the water.

After everyone completed the hike, we traveled to President Fisher's neighbor's ranch. We were given an awesome dinner of BBQ Chicken sandwiches and hung out for the rest of the night. We took turns riding a horse drawn wagon and feeding some mules. We had marshmallows around the campfire and an all around good time. A great last experience with President and Sister Fisher before they return home.

We were really tired the next day, but we still went to work. We started teaching this awesome woman from Brazil. She was so excited to get a Physical copy of the Book of Mormon to study and write in. We are setting up times with the local missionaries to study with her. It's the small moments of good things that make the hard moments worth it. I'll keep you all updated on how everything is going. Friday we had a chance to cover for some of our district at Welfare Square. One more chance to slice some bread. The sisters have become experts at serving there.

Saturday our zone got together to make cards for a few of the senior couples. We wanted to show our appreciation for everything they do everyday. Finally, yesterday we went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders. I was with Sister Lopez who I exchanged with before a few transfers ago. She is the sweetest and loves everyone around her. We tried out Facebook finding. Other missions have already started Facebook finding, the idea is to use comments and posts to find people who have questions or seem like they would be interested in hearing a message about Jesus Christ. It is an interesting idea. We have to be careful not to invade privacy or offend people, but many sisters have said how it works well. Guess we'll see as I continue trying.

Finally brings us to today. We had our Zone Activity. We decided to go to a park and have a fun time together. We played water balloon volleyball and a 2 team game called "chuck the chicken". Basically someone goes around blindfolded to find a thrown water bottle while their team yells directions from the sidelines. The team has to retrieve the bottle before the other team. It was pretty fun. Another great stress reliever. After feeling cooped up a little, I hope you all are taking a chance to go outside. Just remember to apply sunscreen. Some of my district didn't remember and had to borrow my Aloe Vera for afterward. Hope everyone has a good week. Talk to you all soon!
Sister Christensen


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