June 11, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Victoria Malmstrom

Never too late for an email!

Hello everyone! It has been a little bit since I sent my last email. A week and a half ago I was told that the mission activity would be on Monday and my P-day wouldn't change. They did change it and so just this week my pday is Thursday! We will have pday again on Monday so that will be a little weird, but on to this past week.

This past week was Zone Conference week over zoom. It was the first Zone Conference at Temple Square for all of the reassigned sisters. Ours was on Tuesday and we learned a lot about being diligent in our teaching efforts online and with people that we are able to talk with on square.

On Wednesday we had 15 new sisters join the mission. Some companionships were split to each have a reassigned sister, but we still have quite a few trios for the remainder of this transfer. Our district leaders are one such trio with a new sister reassigned from Uruguay.

We also had exchanges with our district leaders. It was on Thursday when we have our Ensign Peak hike, so they decided to join us. Afterward we had a little time on TC before they had to return to their third companion who was doing Zone Conference with the 14 other reassigned who just arrived.

Not a super interesting week, but the little things is what brings joy to life. For example Sister Malmstrom was able to try out the Bakery on Friday which was fun. The little fun things help us keep strong when everything is not the same. We go home to our apartment everyday around 5 or 6 because the protests start around 6. So far there is one that happens in front of the building we live in every night. Luckily, it is a peaceful group, but they still ask us to be home before it starts.

The weekend continued with a portugese roleplay of touring the square. This is to help Sister Malmstrom practice how to teach and give tours in Portugeses. The history is not the easiest to memorize much less in two languages. She is doing great through. We also had the Portugese Language meeting. They explained more about the best ways to translate to your non-portugese speaking companion and how to work together in unity to help the Brazilian people. We are already working with a few people in Brazil, and I am so excited to work with them. Most are very open to religion and we just show them what they are missing. No language barrier can stop love and caring about others. I may not he able to speak to them directly, but I can let them know I care about them and their joy from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The last few days was filled with more TC and working the best we can. Sunday was fast Sunday and also sacrement day. It will be a different time to be able to take sacrement every week again. Parts of Utah are beginning to have small meetings again but our mission will be a while yet until we can meet together for our Sunday meetings. We'll continue as we are though.

Yesterday we tried out the Cannery. It will probably be our last time at Welfare Square for this transfer. We had to finish by noon because the Van's were needed for the mission activity that day. As we were walking to the TC afterward, a man stopped us and asked for a spiritual message. He said he had been struggling and just wanted a message from the missionaries. We were happy to help and did what we can to share about turning to God. I will never completely know if any words I say to anyone will have a lasting impact, but I will continue to teach has if it does. God can use us as the tools he needs if we let him. Hopefully, we were able to bring a little hope back to his life. The rest of the day was great except for the small realization that the 15 minutes talking with the man left a sunburn on my shoulder. Guess that's a reminder that I need to wear sunscreen everyday. Hopefully, I will be better next time. Talk to everyone on Monday!
Sister Christensen


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