May 25, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Victoria Malmstrom

Positive Days are Happy days

Last we talked Angel Moroni was removed from the temple. He was later loaded on a truck and driven away to return at a later time. Nothing crazy exciting happened this week, which is good, but we still had a good time.

Tuesday of last week we were scheduled to take our Ensign Peak Hike. All sisters were asked to do the hike to learn a little more about the history of Temple Square. For those who don't know, Ensign peak is the mount that Brigham Young saw in a vision that revealed where the new land they would settle was. It stood as an Ensign to the Nations. Now the valley below is home to the amazing Temple Square that I am gifted to serve at everyday. The view from the top is beautiful and it was good to get outside. Also on Tuesday we used Zoom to watch a Baptism. A young girl we were teaching made the decision to be baptized and we are so happy for her. It is a great decision that will bless her for the rest of her life and for years to come. It goes to show, even with current circumstances the work is moving forward.

Later in the week we had many meetings to attend. All the reassigned sisters and their companions had a Zoom meeting together where President Fisher and Sister Fisher talked about the importance of hard work and dedication to succeed in the Lord's work. We also had Fleet Training on Friday. This was instruction on the rules behind the Van's that we use. We are blessed to have them and we need to take care of them. I am lucky enough to be able to drive them with my companion and take other Sisters around as well. As long as we are obedient we keep the blessings we have and can find peace in what we do.

As for teaching, our online queue has gone down again. Sister Malmstrom is able to pick up a few Brazilian people which is exciting. She can teach people online and keep up her language at the same time. The church is trying hard to help temporarily reassigned missionaries keep up their language skills. They will need to when they have the chance to go back to their original mission. For now they just focus on practicing everyday.

The weekend was good too. Sunday we have a lot of hours to study and become spiritually revitalized. It was also the day we realized that we have a little too many sisters. Zoom will max out at 100 people and we have around 80 companionship's on square. Obviously too many sisters which makes it hard for any sister to be able to watch on a computer rather then their phone. We try our best to buddy up with our roommates to make room for more sisters on our different Zoom calls.

Today we traveled to the Great Salt Lake to visit. Last time I went it was around dusk, but this time it was lighter and we could see a lot more. It definitely has a beauty about it, even if the whole lake itself is not quite so beautiful. It was a fun adventure. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come in the future. Talk to you all next week!
Sister Christensen


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