May 18, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Victoria Malmstrom

Another Transfer Completed

Hello everyone! Another transfer of the mission is complete. This week went quick, but also seemed to take a long time. Last Tuesday we spent the final day of the transfer doing Computer Services. I will be able to work on it again next transfer, but only in my free time. Sister Perez also spent time packing her bags for her flight home the next day.

Wednesday was transfer day! Sister Perez finished getting her suitcases together and we traveled to square to turn in our keys and get new sim cards for the phones. Throughout the day, new, reassigned, and outbound sisters were arriving and getting things together. I would not be assigned with my new companion until Thursday, so I had a temporary companion, Sister Pedernera. The main part of the morning I was helping Sister Perez prepare to leave. At 11am I waved goodbye as she drove off in a car headed for the airport. I was sad to see her go, but I know she will do great things back home with the amazing knowledge she has gained on her mission.

Eventually, after jumping between different sisters I found my temporary companion and we came back to our apartments so she could unpack after moving between buildings. We didn't have much else to do until the next morning. We were both a little nervous Thirsdya morning to meet our new companions. We traveled to TC and waited patiently for the announcement that we could come to meet our new companions. They had the sisters go up in 3 sections. I was in the second group and found other sisters in that group to go with.

We waited in a small room and they called us in one by one to meet our new companion. My companion is Sister Malmstrom from Seattle, Washington. She has been serving for 10 months the same as me in the Brazil Joã Passoa Mission. She is super awesome and I am excited to work with her for the next few weeks. After meeting we went shopping to get her some food for the next week and then traveled to square for District Council.

The weekend followed and Sister Malmstrom and I traveled to visit different parts of square. We also worked online introducing more technology in missionary work to Sister Malmstrom. She wasn't used to using phones and computers in her last mission, but I know she will catch on really fast. Already I can see how good of a missionary she is.

Sunday was our normal Devotional/church over Zoom. My trainer Sister Sims gave her departing talk. It is sad to think that in less than 6 weeks she will be going home. It seems like yesterday that we talked about her final weeks in the mission. The rest of sabbath day was a lot of study time and time to work with the people we are teaching.

Today was an exciting morning. We came to square to see a big crowd in front of the temple. It was the moment we were all waiting for the removal of Angel Moroni. We wandered around a bit until the horn blew to signal that the crane was moving. We watched as the angel Moroni was taken off the temple and slowly lowered to the ground. The temple is missing its beloved angel. That is about it for this week. I am excited to see what more we find throughout the transfer. Talk to you all next week!
Sister Christensen


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