May 11, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Bonnie Perez

The end of another transfer

The last P-day of the transfer already. I'm finishing up transfer 6 and getting ready to begin transfer 7. We have been working hard this week to finish up everything we need to for Sister Perez to go home soon. We had correctional services on Tuesday and we are nowhere close to finishing all of the files. We did get permission to continue working next transfer, but we will be doing it in our free time rather then having days scheduled out to work. It will take us longer, but we will do our best to get through it.

Wednesday was a continuation of crazy. Sister Perez had departing interviews with Sister Fisher and a bunch of lessons with the people we are teaching. We are working to make sure all of the people are transferred to my account so that I can continue teaching them with my next companion. We never want to forget about anyone and lose the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

The moving list came out Thursday night. This transfer we will have over 70 sisters coming back from outbound or joining our mission from other missions. Thankfully I was not moving still. It will be my 4th transfer in the same apartment. My roommates are not moving either. They were really happy to hear that they get to stay together for another transfer. The same night I got a call from the assistants to the president to meet with President Fisher the next morning. This means another new assignment for me.

At the meeting the next morning I found out that I would be a mentor for one of the reassigned sisters. The sisters coming in have already been trained as missionaries. Our job is to help them adjust to the mission and learn about how to serve at a visitor center. I am excited to meet the new sisters and my new companion this next week. Friday we also had our last time serving at Welfare Square for the transfer. We were at the cannery again and made spaghetti sauce, which smelled great!

The weekend was normal as well. We recorded a 5 second video wishing happy birthday to our mission president and his wife whose birthdays are later this month. They are going to combine all of the 5 second videos from all the sisters into a fun clip of all of us saying happy birthday. I think it is really cute and I'm excited for them to see it. They don't know about it, obviously, so no one tattle on me.

Sunday was Mother's day and we began with our Sunday Devotional in the morning. Sister Perez gave a lively departing talk about using our spiritual gifts to help us improve and improve the lives of those around us. I was also asked to give the closing prayer which was fun. I later got to call my lovely mom. I am so grateful to her and the blessing she is to my life. I love what Elder Holland and Cook have said that without their devoted mother they wouldn't be what they are today. She has guided me every step of the way and I wouldn't have made it this far without her. I hope you all know the importance of the mother figures in our life. They truly serve as a guiding loving presence in our life. Our Heavenly parents gifted us these people to help us the best and worst of times. I will always be grateful for my mother.

Next transfer will be a new experience. I will have a temporary companion on Wednesday as all the new sisters arrive. On Thursday I will know my next companion for the next six weeks. Time is still flying. Talk to you again next week!

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