April 20, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Bonnie Perez

Exchanges and Meetings

This week had a little bit of excitement because we had exchanges with other sisters this week. Unlike most transfers where exchanges last most of the day, these exchanges only lasted a few hours. Our first exchange was with our Zone Leaders on Wednesday. I went with Sister Owens who is in her second to last transfer. She is an amazing missionary and she works really hard at helping everyone. I love how willing she is to talk to every person. We also had our movie Mulan on Wednesday. We all enjoyed it and afterward we exchanged back to our normal companions.

Thursday we had more exchanges. This time with our district. I went with Sister Marks who has just hit her 6 month mark. As with most sisters she is amazing. She loves every person she teaches and really desires their eternal happiness and progress. I learn so much from every Sister I meet. I wish I could do more to help them learn as well. I am still grateful for every positive influence in my life.

Friday was another day at Welfare Square Bakery. This week was a lot faster then previous weeks. There was less bread to slice, so we were only there for around 2 hours. This just means we have more time to work online and find new people to teach. We were also excited to receive the permission we have been waiting for to work in the correctional services. We have been waiting for weeks to get approved to work on the documents there. Our job is to electronically file letters that have been sent to the church from residents of correctional facilities. The church sends out gospel lessons and other products that are requested. They do a lot of work to help those people. I can't wait to work there this week.

The weekend had an excursion to a place called The Store at the Gateway mall. It was a bit of a walk, but we went during our lunch hour to get some nice Utah stickers for our water bottles. That is a big thing here. Most sisters have a HydoFlask or other metal bottle and they put stickers on to reflect where they are and what they are doing. I even got a sticker for my water bottle that I used. We had a good time and it was nice to get out a relax.

Sunday began with a Devotional. It was decided to do a mission wide meeting over Zoom to have our departing sisters bear there testimonies and talk about what they learned in their mission. It is a new thing we have begun. Almost every meeting we used to have in the mission will be held again via zoom. Even Zone Conference which is held this week will be over zoom. It is still adjustment, but we expect these changes to last until we are into next transfer. We never know what to expect each week, but that is all for this week. As of today, I only have 9 months left of my mission. Time travels fast, but more work is waiting to be done. Talk to you all next week.

Sister Christensen


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