April 13, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Bonnie Perez

Happy day late Easter!

Hello again to everyone. It has been another week (obviously). This week still wasn't the most exciting. A lot of our time on square is spent on the computers. The online teaching center is really full. There are almost 2000 requests on the queue to get through. It is hard to get to people promptly with that many requests, but we do what we can to help each person with their needs. We have been able to teach lots of lessons and find new people to teach from the safety of our computers.

The most exciting thing this week was movie day. The mission split up the schedule of watching movies so there are less then 10 people at a time. This week we watched the live action Lion King. We watched in the basement of the North Visitor Center during our scheduled time on Wednesday. We brought some snacks with us and enjoyed the classic Disney songs we love. We found out yesterday that this weeks movie is the original Mulan. I can definately say that I am blessed with being able to watch Disney movies all the time.

We did get new masks this week. They replaced our disposable masks with reusable ones. We only have one, so it is still hard to wash it everyday, but I luckily have awesome parents who sent me some more. It is a little annoying to wear masks all the time, but we do what we can. We even wear them the entire time at Welfare Square. The idea is to keep everyone safe, so we do what we can to help everyone.

We all know that Sunday was Easter. As a mission we were able to partake of the sacrement in small groups of sisters with the priesthood holders. The priesthood holders were split into 2 groups and each had 5 or 6 groups of sisters to pass the sacrement to. I may not have been a long meeting, but I am grateful for the opportunity to take the sacrement again. The rest of Easter was like any other day. We spent a lot of time on the computer and I tried to contact as many people as possible.

Most of the days blend together some, but I am positive about the future. There is still things that can be done if we are not focusing on the things we cannot do. The work is moving forward through technology. I am happy to be where I am and to do the things that I need to do. With whatever you are doing back home, keep working hard. Tomorrow is a new opportunity to try our best and have a good day. Talk to you all next week.

Sister Christensen

Companion Photo in the freezing wind
Lots of flowers
Taken before we had to wear masks
New masks
About to watch Lion King
Afraid of heights?


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