April 6, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Bonnie Perez

General Conference Weekend

It is finally April and some of my previous companions were finally able to travel home. Sister Jorgensen and Marotz went home Wednesday this week. Also on Wednesday, two of the outbound sisters came back to Temple Square. They were serving in New York Syracuse Mission and have been in quarantine together to make sure they are both healthy. They will soon be able to join us in the mission.

Honestly not much happens out here. We still have time to teach people online and the queue has really filled up so that keeps us busy. In fact we started teaching a new person named Zoe who is super cool and we invited her to be baptized. As always we are excited for her progress and all the ways she can better her life through the gospel of Jesus Christ. On Friday we were able to go to the Welfare Square Cannery. We were bottling Catsup, which is the generic form of Ketchup. I never get tired of serving at Welfare Square. It is a great blessing to be able to help people in every way I can.

Announcements with our mission included medical masks that we were asked to wear whenever we go shopping. Yesterday that was edited to whenever we are in public. We now get to wear a mask all the time, great. Still, I will endeavor for obedience because obedience brings blessings. We will also have the opportunity to watch the live action lion king this week. I haven't seen it, so I am excited. We will watch it in multiple groups so that it is under ten each time. I'll have to wait and see when I will have my chance to watch it.

The big deal of this week was General Conference. Originally, historical Temple Square would close its gates, but sisters would be able to enter to watch conference in the different theaters. Sadly, that was changed. No one was allowed in Temple Square at all. Instead we were asked to watch it in our apartments. On the bright side, our apartment has Wifi and we were able to see and hear all the sessions clearly. Sister Perez set up her phone for us to watch and she had a speaker to play the sound from as well.

There are so many amazing things to learn from Conference, especially this April about the restoration. For all who weren't able to watch every session, I know that you can gain a lot from watching them all. Just as many of you know, my companion and I with our roommates were able to participate in the Hosanna shout. I had enough white handkerchiefs for each of us to use one and feel the amazing presence of the spirit as we celebrated this amazing anniversary of the First Vision. Today is actually the 190th anniversary of the foundation of the church. The miracles of the early saints are truly spectacular and helped to being us the amazing gospel into our homes today. Without the sacrifices of those early members we would not have the joy of the gospel as we have now.

We were so blessed with the announcement of the new proclamation of the restoration. I echo President Nelson's words that we need to study it diligently and learn all we can. I am also excited about the new temples being built. One of the Assistants to President Fisher is from the United Arab Emirates and was overjoyed to hear about the temple being planned near her home. It just shows how quickly the work is progressing. Faster than we could ever know. I am excited to work harder and study all these talks more in depth.

This Friday is another worldwide fast I am excited to participate in. I also look forward to the celebration of the Savior's ressurection on Easter Sunday. It is a special time. I hope each of you is preparing by reading about the Savior's life and the many things he has done to help you become the best person you can be. More excitement is to come. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. They love each of us. Talk to you all more next week.

Sister Christensen


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