March 30, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Bonnie Perez

Conference is coming closer 😆

It hasn't been that long since my last email, but more changes have come about since Thursday. Friday was transfer day and I went to square to find my new companion. As usual the day was a little chaotic. No one was scheduled to go to Welfare Square, so Sister Perez and I worked to get enough sisters to go help out. We got to work in the Bakery making sliced bread. It was fun but cold. The room was kept at around 60 degrees, just a little chilly. I was able to work on the slicer. The bread is loaded into machines and I was the one slicing it to go into bags. If you want to see what this process looks like there is actually a Welfare Square video on the church website that shows how the bread at welfare square is made. Either way it was really fun to do. We sliced and packaged around 5400 loaves of bread!

This weekend was packed with lessons. We may not be able to teach on the square, but we can still do a lot of work online. The online requests have picked up. Lots of people want to study the bible! It is amazing how many new people we can find in an hour. We have been scheduling around 5 lessons each day with different people. Just goes to show that even the hardest times can bring unknown blessings.

Sunday was the worldwide fast and I am so grateful for a prophet of God to council us in finding the best ways to help others while also staying safe. We also found out that our assignments would once again change. With all of the buildings closed we had only Proselyting shifts to teach other people. Sadly, they asked us to not to approach people so that left us with standing in place waiting for someone to approach us. They have since decided that, standing on square is not okay either. Our new assignments are stroll, movie, singing, and roleplay. Along with our extra study time we will have time each week to watch an approved mission movie. This week is Mountain of the Lord. We will also spend time strolling around Temple Square. We are mobile waking around temple square, but not approaching and talking to people. We will have an hour of singing time to sing hymns with other assigned sisters in the JSMB chapel, and we will spend an hour each day roleplaying full missionary lessons with another companionship. I feel like most of these are filler shifts, but we will do what we can with what we have. As I said before, we are still teaching online and we aren't stuck in our apartments just yet.

I am still excited for this transfer. I found out that Sister Perez and I will be working on a special assignment in correctional services. We will be going through files for the correction centers and digitizing them. I don't know all the info quite yet, but I look forward to serving any way I can. Today we traveled to Big Cottonwood Canyon for a picnic with some sisters in our zone (not more than 10 of course). It was beautiful and nice to get away for a short trip. That is about all for the days so far. We'll just have to see where life takes us.

Sister Christensen


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