March 20, 2020


Temple Square (East 1 District)


Sister Shalora Marotz

Disasters and other things

Weeks are still crazy. Last Friday all the buildings closed down, so this week was really slow. On Saturday we had a meeting split into two groups to learn of what we are doing this transfer. Since things are closed we will be serving time at Welfare Square. With the older couples gone, they need more volunteers to help with the different areas. Sisters can serve in the Bakery, Dairy, or Cannery.

For anyone still on square we have time to Proselyting outside. Usually that means walking around trying to talk to people, but with recent events they ask us to allow others to approach us and not approach people to talk to them. It really is just a different atmosphere to what we are used to. We are still able to teach online at least which is still good work we can do. President also issued the challenge during the meeting to read the Book of Mormon in the next month and gave us an extra few hours of personal study each day to work on it.

Sunday there was no church obviously. President decided to have us do a Come Follow Me lesson as a district on Sundays. We will be able to take the sacrament once a month, probably on Easter Sunday this month. I am not entirely sure how that would work. We went home at the end of the day for studies. Halfway through we heard yelling from our roommates. It turns out that they flooded the toilet. We hurried out to help them and I turned the water valve to shut off the toilet. It took us a while, but we were able to mop up all the water that spread across the apartment. A big mess, but at least a change to our normal routine.

Wednesday was also a change to our routine. Many of you probably have heard that there was an earthquake in Utah. It was early before the sisters left and many of us were still getting ready for the day. Most of the sisters had never been in an earthquake before and were understandable a little freaked. We were asked to remain in our apartments for the day and used phones to have mission wide meetings. I spent the day mostly cleaning and studying. Throughout the day we were feeling aftershocks including a larger one around lunch time. During the earthquake the other apartment building lost power, but thankfully my building did not. Not too many damages either (besides the trumpet). Sadly Wednesday was the day we were supposed to go to Welfare Square. We weren't able to go, so maybe another time we will have the opportunity to visit.

Thursday was back to our regularly scheduled program. Not much happened of course. The most exciting thing was the reversal of power to our apartment buildings. I don't know what happened, but my apartment building lost power for a few hours. We came home a little late so we missed the main part of the outage. It came back on an hour after getting home and we had light.

The weeks are strange here. Some sisters are being sent home for many different reasons. It is a little down, but we all try to do our best with what we have. For sisters that are supposed to be returing from Outbound this transfer, they will remain outbound for another transfer. No sisters here will be going outbound as of currently.

Life can be hard, but I hope you all remember the one person who makes it easier. Jesus Christ is still there and still wants to guide us back home. No matter what happens in the world, we still have the confidence that he loves us and wants the best for us. Nothing in this life is permanent, but our knowledge and experiences will last us forever. Just a reminder to all that God still loves you, more so in our harder times. Turn to him and he will guide you home. Talk to you all again next week.

Sister Christensen


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