March 19, 2020

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President and Sister Fisher

Update on Sisters serving on Temple Square

Dear Parents, family, or friends of Missionaries in the Temple Square Mission:

We just wanted to update you on everything here. Yesterday we had a 5.7 earthquake in Salt lake City. it was the first in almost 30 years. some small damage took place. All of us rocked and rolled a little, but we carefully checked on all the Sister and all are fine. We kept them in their apartments where they studied and slept, and even played some games.

We are taking every precaution relating to the virus spreading throughout the World. We have instructed all of them on good hygiene and keeping their distance from those to whom they communicate, even with one another and in their apartments. So far all are healthy. We have stopped all mission meetings of over ten. We spread out even for those, Sacrament Meetings are canceled as you know. We will serve Sisters the Sacrament on Easter Sunday.

We still have things to do, which is a great blessing. Online teaching Center is still up, and we are teaching many lessons each day, and have many people throughout the World on baptismal date. The local missionaries are contacted to followup with these baptisms. We still visit with many who come on Temple Square, and we keep at least six feet distance as we talk to them, giving historical information and sharing the gospel to those who are interested. We have begun working at Welfare Square assisting in the Bakery and Cannery and other production areas. These food items are sent throughout the World to the needy. The Sisters love serving there.

Our apartments are beautiful and safe. We are making sure that all have adequate food and paper items. Please don't worry about them.

Really, our missionaries are in the safest place in the world. Many other missions are quarantined. We can walk around Temple Square, exercise outside, go to the grocery stores, and maintain a good lifestyle.

Please know how much we love these amazing Sisters, and we are watching after them in every detail.

All of our love to you for allowing them to come to this great mission, and serving in the gathering of Israel.


President Craig and Sister Julia Fisher
Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission


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