March 13, 2020


Temple Square (East 1 District)


Sister Shalora Marotz

Many unknowns and new announcements

Its Spooky Friday the 13th! This week has been "spooky" for many reasons. Most of you know of the changes that have taken place the last few days. It has been an interesting week to say the least. Let's start with the beginning of this week. I might have mentioned that last week I had breakfast at the Littlefield's apartment. They are apart of the mission presidency, it was really fun and delicious food.

Saturday did not start out our new week that great. The computers were down and no one was able to access the files to teach our online people. Sister Marotz and I had to cancel our lessons for the day because of the issue. With so few sisters on square our computer time is already slim it doesn't help to cancel lessons from faulty systems. We still do our best with what we have. One interesting thing about Saturday was the squirrel incident. We were talking to a lady outside and a squirrel jumped onto the bench with me. He was very friendly and practically got in my lap. Had I reached out, I would have been able to pet him. It was all fun and a little unnerving that the squirrel was willing to get so close to people.

Sunday we were able to perform in Sacrement Meeting. We sang "If the savior stood beside me." This was a last minute number, but I think we it worked out well with the few other sisters singing with us. Music always has a way of bringing the spirit into our lives. The day progressed as normal with attending church and other meetings and planning for the new week ahead.

Monday we did exchanges with sisters. Sister Marotz went with the other trainee in our district and I went with her trainer Sister Murray. She is from Ontario, Canada. She is amazing and a great missionary. She was willing to talk to every person we saw and really showed them love and kindness. There is always so much I can learn from other sisters about working hard to help as many people as possible.

This week was also Zone Conference week. Ours was on Wednesday and we spent the better part of our day learning what we can do to better follow the spirit and help others learn more about Jesus Christ. As we went up the elevator of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building a few other people came in the elevator with us and scanned their cards to go to the 8th floor. This may not seem really significant, but the 8th floor is where the general authorities have their meetings together. We were able to look through the doors of the elevator and get a glimpse of the special floor. It was very bright, almost white, inside. I just thought that was a fun thing to share.

The first part of our Zone Conference meeting was a lesson from Sister Fisher on staying healthy. She gave us directions on the best way to stay safe from germs and illness in order to reduce the likelyhood of spreading anything around. Other things we learned was listening to others and really seeking the spirit to know what people need. It was during the first part of Zone Conference that the beginning of many big announcements were released. This is really when life got crazy really fast. We already had hints of it, but General Conference is closed to the general public. What this means for Temple Square is not certain. I would love to guess, but later announcements make it impossible to know what the outcome will really be.

Thursday continued to get more crazy. We began the morning with a Family History Library training. We learned about the best ways to help others discover more about their family history and connect to their ancestors. It was not long after that another announcement came. The Utah governor announced that no groups over 100 people were to be meeting. This means that our mission cannot have mission wide meetings with all of our 132 missionaries. This shook a lot of us. We had no idea what was going to happen. Later the church put out another large announcement all church activities are cancelled until further notice. The governor also announced that people over 60 should remain in their homes as much as possible. The church takes seriously the safety of their members and it was decided by the missionary department that all hosts would stay home. Starting this morning, the sisters took complete control of the conference center as well as a few other buildings on square.

This morning we found out that all temples will be closing. It was an hour ago that it was announced that Temple Square is now closed. I don't know if it will reopen or what is happening. Tomorrow we have a mission wide meeting to find out more. I just want everyone to be safe and not worry. Even with everything happening I trust the my leaders to guide and direct me. They know what is best for the mission to help everyone be safe.

Stay safe everyone and talk to you next week,
Sister Christensen


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