February 21, 2020


Temple Square (East 1 District)


Sister Shalora Marotz

New Transfer and more fun times

We have reached a new transfer. My 5th one! As of yesterday I have been serving for 7 months. It is crazy how fast time goes by. Last pday we had pizza with our district and that was a great time. We could relax and have fun all together. On Friday we had another meal together as a district. Every Friday we had a lunch together and a different sister would cook. This last Friday I made breakfast casserole. Thanks to my mother for helping me with the recipe. I was happy to make food for all of my district.

Also on Friday we received the moving list for next transfer. For once I did not have to move! My companion would come to my room. My other companions were both moving out, one to the other apartment building and one to Arizona. On Saturday Sister Clark was asked to do MTC contacting. She was able to meet with one of the incoming sisters and show her around Temple Square. I went around with Sister Jorgensen, but there was not much to do all day. Partway through the day Sister Jorgensen and Clark switched so that Sister Clark could go to the goodbye meeting for outbound sisters.

We had pizza and ice cream and said goodbye to the senior couples leaving April 1st. One of the senior couples, Elder Neagle, gave us a lesson on the steps to a relationship. It was both funny and interesting. He used to be a bishop and had given lessons before on how to date to find an eternal companion. I won't go into details, but it stressed the importance of knowing how we feel about the person and having God help us to know what is right.

Sunday was the day of the transfer board. I knew I was not moving, but I would find out everything else. The zone leaders called around 8:45pm to tell me my fate. I am in a new zone, East 1. This is over the Family History Library. I will have the opportunity to serve there and help others to learn more about their genealogy. I am really excited. My first shift there will be this coming Sunday! I also found out my new companion Sister Marotz is from the collective south.

Sister Marotz grew up with her father in the army so she moved all over the southern states. She is in her last transfer so we will only be together for 6 weeks. She is actually one of the ASL sisters. She taught herself on her mission how to sign and she is now very fluent. She is also serving as my district leader. We have a district consisting of 2 trainer/trainee companionships. It will definitely be an exciting transfer.

Monday was a lot of packing and preparing for transfers. Sister Clark also had her final outbound meeting. She was very excited to leave and serve in Arizona. Tuesday was moving day! We dropped Sister Clark off with other sisters and Sister Jorgensen and I went to the garage to help sisters move to DA from Brigham apartments. Afterward we had laid back time to be excited for the crazy day on Wednesday. Although laid back did include a stint with me getting caught in the escalator. It was a hard battle and I barely escaped. That was a joke. My skirt got caught and was ripped on the bottom, but no one was hurt and everything is fine. :)

Finally transfer day! Sister Jorgensen delivered Sister Clark to the car to take her to the airport and we got in another car to drive other sisters to the airport. Coming back, Sister Jorgensen and I said goodbye and found our new companions. With Sister Marotz I got another car to pick up sisters from the airport to bring back to Temple Square. Believe it or not, but it has been 12 weeks since my trainer Sister Sims got back from outbound. It is crazy how fast time flys, but I have learned so much from the few months I have been here at Temple Square.

The rest of this week went like normal with a new companion. Sister Marotz is super sweet. We had our first mission meeting to introduce the new sisters and their companions and talk about the goals for this next transfer. Now it is finally pday. We went out to eat and shopping. People in Utah are so friendly. We had around 5 people ask to pay for us and I have no idea who actually paid for us before our food even hit our table. Either way life is going good and people are coming closer to Christ. I hope everyone is preparing for General Conference in just a few weeks. I know that in our mission we have been rereading Joseph Smith History to remind us of the first vision and the incredible events that followed. I am grateful to Joseph Smith's dedication to helping all people in these latter days find the true gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a true disciple of our Savior. I will talk to everyone again next week

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