February 12, 2020


Temple Square (South 2 District)


Sister Callie Jorgensen

Last Pday of the transfer

Today was exciting because the second Saints novel was released. You can access the entire novel on gospel library. I am already 10 chapters in! Hopefully that didn't sound too much like an AD. I read the first book and it really was amazing. It explains a lot about the history of the church, but it is written in a narrative format to make it more interesting. There are so many stories and miracles in the history of the early saints that I heard never learned about before. Now on to this week.

We had a few really good teaching opportunities this week. We met a man and his wife from Serbia and Russia. They were really interested in learning more about the church and the things we believe. We took them all around the conference center on almost an hour and a half tour. It was a great lesson and we gave them our contact information. Maybe one day the seed we planted will bloom and another missionary can help them learn and understand more of the gospel. Another tour was with a family that had just recently moved to Utah from South Dakota. The mom was a member of the church, but the rest of the family wasn't. They came with the local missionaries to see the area around them. Another amazing set of people to meet. They weren't sure for the reason they needed to move to Utah, but to us it seemed that it was to get to know the church more. I know that they will be welcome here and feel loved by the community.

On Friday my companions had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. As an strange trio I went on exchanges with Sister Paixão and Sister Pedernera from my district. I was able to hang out with them all day. They are a great companionship. Sister pedernera will be finishing training this transfer and Sister Paixão is going outbound to Idaho. The day was fun and we had one Spanish tour to give. Later, I found out the video in the auditorium is playing. It is a 17 minute video played every hour on the hour. It helps to explain the purpose of the conference center and explain the history of the construction. It also has clips from various performances and messages from general authorities at conference time.

Sunday was the announcement of the new assistant to the president. That means that transfers are coming in close. Today is actually my last pday of the transfer. Tomorrow the moving list will l come out and I will see if I once again move this transfer. I won't know when my next pday will be until Monday. It could be as early as the 19th or as late as the 25th. We will just have to wait and see. I was also asked by my zone leaders if I would feel comfortable training. It is possible I could have a calling, but I pretty sure I won't. With the amount of work I have to see my companions do each day, I am happy to not be the one in charge and just focus on the people we are teaching.

Monday was regular missionary pday, so a district from the Salt Lake Coty south mission came to visit the square. Sometimes it is easy to forget how strange our mission is compared to most others. We have some extra blessings, but our schedule can also be a lot busier. It can sometimes be really stressful here, but we can help so many people in just a small amount of space. Tuesday was the crazy day. Sister Jorgensen was schedule to take a tour of the tabernacle organ and Sister Clark had an outbound meeting at the same time at the opposite part of the square. We made plans to meet up with another companionship that had an outbound companion. We walked Sister Jorgensen to square and then Sister Clark and I walked to the Relief Society building together. Sadly the person I was supposed to go with walked someone to the tour, but I found another person that needed the tour and walked with her back to the Tabernacle. I still could not find the person i,was supposed to be with, but found another Sister to go back to the Relief Society building. Once all the meetings were over I walked back and forth to find my two companions. Needless to say, I walked back and forth a LOT. The rest of the day I was able to relax some more.

That brings us to today. We woke up bright and early today for a special sacrement meeting. We had a man named Brother Steven (don't remember his first name 😅). He is a historian for the church and gave a long lecture on Jospeh Smith. It was a really long meeting, but I found it really interesting. We know a lot about Jospeh Smith's life, but I think the most important take away was that we don't know everything. There have been many revelations that Jospeh Smith did not reveal to us, because they were for him. Just as with Nephi there are some things the world will never understand and man is not ready to hear it. The amount of hardship Jospeh Smith had to go through is contrasted by the few happy moments of feeling the joy of the restored gospel. Leading up to general conference. I hope all of us are focused on the amazing tool Jospeh Smith was in restoring the true church to the Earth. We have been given so much and just as with all prophets he is recognized as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the sacrifices he made to help me receive the fulness of the gospel and eternal happiness.

Until I talk to you all next transfer.
Sister Christensen


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