February 5, 2020


Temple Square (South 2 District)


Sister Callie Jorgensen

Do missionaries have snow days?

This week had a few fun adventures to enjoy. It began on Friday with a missionary training meeting. The missionary department has been working on a new system for member referrals. On the Gospel tools app under the missionary tab you can find a button that says send referral. This allows all members the ability to refer someone who has agreed to meet with missionaries to the missionaries themselves. It can be someone from anywhere in the world that has missionaries. Originally these referrals went directly to the missionaries to contact the person. The department is now trying a new strategy to filter referrals through the visitor center sisters. This allows us to create a better line of communication between the local missionaries and the members that referred the person. The goal is to help members get involved more with the teaching of the people they may refer to the missionaries. I think it is a great new program. It is still in its piloting stages, but I feel confident that it will help the people being taught as well as the members come closer to Jesus Christ.

Saturday was Sister Jorgensen's 16 month mark. She goes home April 1st. She was really excited, but also sad to know that she will be going home at the end of next transfer. On Saturday we had what we are calling the "hot pocket incident." You had to be there to really understand, but Sister Jorgensen decided to buy a hot pocket from the vending machines after we told her she should just wait and eat later. The hot pocket ended up getting stuck in the machine and she had to buy something else to get it out. Afterward, she burnt the hot pocket in the microwave and burned her tongue. It was funnier than it sounds. We have had a few problems with the vending machines and need to just stop using them. It was a fun time and we always make jokes with each other about various things.

Sunday was fast sunday of course. Always a treat. We may only have sacrement, but on fast Sunday church runs an hour and a half. There is a never ending stream of sisters to come to bear their testimonies. Missionaries what are you going to do with them, but really it is amazing to hear so many strong women testify of the truthfulness of the gospel and the importance of relying on the savior.

Monday was supposed to be our zone service project, but we had a huge snowstorm the night before. We were unable to drive in the snow and so our service project was cancelled. We did our studies as normal and then headed to the square in the cold snowy outdoors. It wasn't until we arrived at the square that we found out the Conference Center will be closed all day. There was too much snow to be able to get to the doors easily and the hosts were not all able to drive through the snow to make it to their shifts. All shifts at the Conference Center were cancelled. Basically, we had a snow day! President Fisher authorized the Other Side of Heaven to play in the relief society building and we went exploring to different places to pass the time. The main part of temple square was still open and we had to go to our shifts there, but the majority of shifts now are in the conference center so all the sisters had free time to kill. This won't be the last time the Conference Center will be closed. It will also be closed the week leading to General Conference. I still don't know how it will work with the sisters during the week of no Conference Center shifts. I guess we will find out in April. Speaking of today they began setting up the podium and seating for conference. We got to watch them pull out the podium that the general authorities will be speaking at so that was cool.

Tuesday was another fun day at Relief Society. It was Outbound calls! Sister Clark finally received her call to leave February 19th for 3 months and serve in the Arizona Scottsdale Mission. She is so excited to try out missionary life outside of Temple Square. This will be my third companion to send outbound. My trainer, Sister Sims, will also be getting home the day Sister Clark leaves for Arizona. There were 16 sisters called to go outbound this transfer. Two sisters Sister Liao (China) and Sister Chen (Hong Kong) were called to the Nevada Las Vegas West mission which is my home mission. It is super cool for them to be going there and interesting that they sent two Mandarin sisters. Guess the Lord needs them in my home!

That about wraps it up for this week. Later today we will be watching Coco for our mission activity. Sister Jorgensen has never seen it and I think it is a great movie. Later tonight we will have our Zone Activity which is a small spa day. I'm sure it will be fun. Either way I am excited to see what is in store each week at Temple Square. Talk to you all next week!
Sister Christensen

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