January 29, 2020


Temple Square (South 2 District)


Sister Yuai Tan

Hard times come and go

This week was absolutely crazy and full of challenges. Last Wednesday we went to the Temple and had an amazing experience and since then it seems like everything is changing. Let's start with just after P-day when we had a district companionship study at the Conference Center. We all went together on Friday morning to take a tour with the host missionaries to see how we can learn from them. It has been an interesting time for the Sisters and the Hosting couples to learn how to better work together to make the Conference Center a memorable experience to all of our visitors. We learned so much about how we can spread little amounts of gospel in everything we talk about. The Conference Center really is amazing with all of its original artwork.

On Saturday we had a tour with a Hungarian family. One of the family members spoke English and helped us translate for the tour around the Conference Center. It wasn't the easiest thing to do, but we were able to help them feel the spirit and learn more about the Savior through the artwork around the Conference Center. Also on Saturday we had another Baptism! Sister Sims and I found Olivia back in our first transfer together. She is around our age and was really interested in the Book of Mormon and learning about eternal families. She had amazing progress and a great love for the gospel. I was able to watch her baptism over video call and congratulate her for the amazing accomplishment of choosing to follow Jesus Christ.

Saturday was also Chinese New Year. Sister Tan and the other Chinese sisters got together to eat some traditional food and celebrate the change to the year of the rat. Unfortunately, we had assignments, so I exchanged with my friend Sister Thacker to allow Sister Tan to go to the celebration. We met up with them later for the transfer Mandarian Language Meeting. Every transfer the people with different languages would meet together to discuss the best ways to help the people who visit speaking those languages. It was interesting to learn more about the ways the Chinese people need to be taught seeing as they know little to nothing about God and Jesus Christ.

Monday was Zone Conference. As always it was a great experience. I learned more about planning and goal setting and relying on God to help us through our hard times. It is only through Jesus Christ and following his example that we can find true peace and happiness. It is important to always seek to be like the Savior and convert ourselves to him. It is not just one time, but over and over we must choose to follow the Savior, repent, and become better people.

Sadly, I have been having a very hard time with Sister Tan. For reasons I will not get into our companionship was really not working out. President Fisher decided that we were no longer fit to remain as companions. After Zone Conference sisters moved around some and I will stay in a trio with my two district leaders for the remainder of the transfer. It was not an easy time. Sisters are curious about the changes and everything going on. Thankfully, Sister Clark (Canada) and Sister Jorgensen (Alabama) are amazing sisters that show their love for other people and helped everything remain smooth. I look forward to working with them for the next three weeks.

That is all for this week. Overall kind of crazy, but hopefully it settles down more and I can continue working on helping people come closer to Jesus Christ and become converted in him.
Talk to you next week,
Sister Christensen

Pictures included:
Me and my district leaders
Departing testimony from Sis Tan
Fun meal with Sister Thacker
The sad south visitors center


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