January 14, 2020


Temple Square (South 2 District)


Sister Yuai Tan

Transfer Number 4

As you probably heard from my dad, my pday is now on Wednesdays. It never hurts to try something new. Last Wednesday was transfer day and I waved goodbye to Sister Hunter as she got in a van to head to Las Vegas. I walked to square with a few others sisters to go through the crazy day of transfers. My new companion was set to arrive around 5 pm that afternoon, so I had plenty of time to kill. At the mission home I met up with my friend Sister Thacker to help her sort the apartment keys that were being dropped off to be given out to the sisters after they have changed companions. It was there I found out that I had been told the wrong room to move my things into and I would have to move all of my stuff into the correct apartment. Just a few minutes later I began hearing rumors that I was changing companions. I found President Fisher and he confirmed that I would be serving this transfer with Sister Tan from China instead of the person I was expecting. I went and found Sister Tan and she told me that our Pday was that day. We decided to walk home with her old companion to pack things. We spent most of the morning packing the room and cleaning it. Then we found my things in the other apartment and moved them to my new room. The rest of the day I spent unpacking and talking to my parents a little bit. It wasn't too stressful of a day, but it was still crazy and unexpected. My new roommates are from Scotland and the Philippines.

Thursday was relief Society. We met as a mission on the 3rd floor of the Releif Society building for our meeting. We introduced the new sisters and the sisters who returned from outbound. Towards the end of the meeting we had a few special guests arrive. Sister Bingham, Sister Cordon, and Sister Jones the general auxiliary presidents. They each have offices in the Relief Society building. They shared there testimonies of the importance of missionary work and what we did on temple square. Two of them have a relative (granddaughter and niece) that just entered the MTC (fun fact they are companions, not the same place, but both learning spanish). The rest of the day flowed with different assignments and learning about my new companion. Sister Tan is from the southern part of China, but lived in Thailand for 5 years where she became a member and learned Thai. I look forward to working with her the next couple of weeks.

Friday was my parents anniversary. Happy Anniversary! This is the commemoration of their dealing and the beginning of our eternal family. I love them both and hope to help other people discover the importance of an eternal family. It is truly a gift to have the knowledge of knowing your family forever. We went through our assignments and I was able to have a lesson with a girl named Olivia. She is someone sister Sims and I found our first transfer. She has been progressing well and loves the Book of Mormon. We try to read with her as often as possible and she is on date to be baptized in just a few weeks. I am very excited for her to feel the blessings of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Saturday was important for me, because I completed my first journal. I honestly can't believe it. I write in it everyday about the things I have felt and seen and I have begun journal 2. I will probably finish a few more books before I complete my mission next year. Saturday was also the 5th anniversary of Sister Tan's baptism. She discovered the church and wanted to serve a mission to help others find the same light she was able to discover. Now she is on the brink of going home. She has done so much good work here in Utah and in Fresno, California where she served her outbound.

Over the rest of the weekend we had a little bit of a snowstorm roll in. We had nice layers of nice to trek in each morning. Luckily, I have great snow boots to keep my feet warm and dry. Tuesday was Relief Society again. This time we had it in the North Visitor Center. The location will likely keep changing until the presidency finds one that works well for our mission to meet in. After Relief Society, Sister Tan and I had our interviews with President Fisher. They may not last very long, but he knows each Sister and does his best to help them with their struggles. With the strange way the transfer started he was sure to make sure I was doing okay. He really helps all the sisters to succeed. I will miss him when bim and his wife leave in June. Speaking of which they just released the names of the new president. President and Sister Larsen will be taking over the mission in June.

Finally we had district Council and we went over our goals. This past year the mission had 892 baptisms. This year we are striving for 900 as a mission. My zone has a goal of 22 baptisms for this transfer. I am excited to work hard and find new people to bring closer to Jesus Christ. We want to help all people discover the peace and joy that comes with following the Savior. Only through following Jesus Christ can we find peace and eventually eternal life.

Talk to you again next week,
Sister Christensen


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