January 7, 2020


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Alexis Hunter

New changes with the New Year

Last time I talked to everyone it was still 2019. Now it is 2020 and a lot has happened in only a week. To start will go over the night of the New Year. After pday ended I went to my normal christmas shift in the North Visitor Center where I found the Merrill family with Marianne and Nathan. I talked to them for a few minutes before they went on their way. It is always fun to see family and friends on the square. Later was the new years eve celebration on square. We had special events of music and dancing to bring in the new year. One the of events was the Nashville Tribute Band playing in the Tabernacle. Sister Hunter and I went together to watch them play. That night, we met with our Zone to play games until the New Year came. We played Werewolf and everyone had a blast. For those who don't know Werewolf is the same as Mafia with a different name. Everyone had a blast and I loved being the narrator of the story. We went to bed a little after midnight and slept in till 7:30 when our day started.

On the first we started our shifts at the conference center. Our shifts are 2 hours long at different areas in the conference center. On Sunday we had the shift of Plaza Greeter. We stood at the main doors on the bottom floor to welcome people in. We also get a fancy radio in case we need to call anyone for a tour or help with language needs. The Conference Center is a work in progress. We are learning to work with the hosting couples in teaching and helping guests. Luckily, it is dead season so we have plenty of time to learn.

Construction began on Thursday. Two out of the Four entrances are closed and make our travels around the square much more of a hassle. Just to get from the North Visitor Center to the Conference Center is a twenty minute trek all the way around the square. We will work with what we are given and hopefully as time passes we will be better able to move around and know the best paths to take.
Friday the moving list came out and I found out that I am once again changing buildings. I moved all of my things back to Brigham this morning. In fact out of the 8 people in my district 5 moved to brigham, 2 went outbound, and one stayed in DA. The Transfer board came out on Monday. This transfer I was with Sister Hunter from Missouri. Next transfer I will be with another Sister from Missouri named Sister Madsen. Currently she is outbound in Texas and comes in around 5 tomorrow. I am excited for the new changes! Her last companion before she went outbound was actually Sister Hunter. It will be fun to see how she works with all of the people she has been teaching previously. Either way I am excited.

I guess bot too much happened. It just felt like a lot with all the changes going on. Tomorrow I start my fourth transfer in Temple square. In fact in about 2 weeks I hit my 6 month mark. Crazy!!! Time is flying and everyone says it is supposed to fly faster. We'll see tomorrow will be exciting and my next pday will still be on Tuesday.
Talk to you all later,
Sister Christensen

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