December 17, 2019


Temple Square (West 1 District)


Sister Alexis Hunter

The slow before the Holiday

This week I had a visit from my grandparents on my mom's side. I was happy to see them on Wednesday. We had a great lunch and I am glad I was able to spend some time with them. The rest of this week was rather slow. Sister Hunter wasn't feeling well and we spent the entire day on Thursday in the apartment. I spent a lot of time studying. It is always nice to have extra study time, but it is also tiring to do nothing but read and study the scriptures. I spent some of the time cleaning the apartment. The next day was mostly the same. We went to square in the morning for some computer time, but went home around noon to allow Sister Hunter to rest again.

Finally on Saturday we did our best to get back to work. We had studies in the morning followed by District Council. We talked about becoming consecrated in everything we do. We need to devote everything to the Lord and his work in order to be successful. Sunday was church and come follow me. Last week no one came, this week one companionship came so we combined with another group to have our discussion. During the lesson the fire alarm went off in the South Visitor Center. We all had to exit the building for security to check. Turns out a child accidentally pulled it. It was funny watching the continuous stream of sisters going up the stairs and out the building. We aren't usually all together besides our meetings so it is always fun to see a lot of us together in one spot.

Yesterday was weekly planning and we were in the apartment most of the morning and early afternoon. We did go to square for lunch becuase Sister Hunter's Trainer's Sister was on square and she wanted to talk to her. Whatever, I just milled around and had a good lesson with 2 ladies from Colorodo. This morning we went to the Salt Lake Temple for the final time. By next transfer it will be closed for the rest of my mission. It was great to go the few times I was able. It was really crowded (mostly on the women's side) with the room packed with as many as we could fit. This week was not super special, but next week will be exciting. We have Zone Conference as well as my next Pday will be Christmas Eve. Guess we'll see what happens! Talk to you next week!


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