November 19, 2019


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Amber Sims

Into the Unknown

Last week we went to a trampoline park for pday. It was really fun and I got to know my district better. It wasn't as nice as the Vegas trampoline parks, but we loved it anyway. Wednesday was our Zone service project. We went to the Himanitarian Center and helped make quilts. Honestly, it was very relaxing and I would love to do it more often. It was so fun we decided to go today to have a little extra quilting time for our final pday of the transfer. It's funny how service opportunities can be both fun and relaxing for different people. We are all starting to get larger crowds on square. Nothing bad yet, but starting in a few weeks it will get very busy for us here on the square.

Along with the lights, there is a play called "Savior of the World" held in the conference center each night. On Thursday we were able to attend the dress rehearsal. It had two different parts about the Saviors birth and after his crucifixion. It was focused on his parents and the disciples and the challenges they faced during those times. It was beautiful and I wish I could see it more times. It was a great reminder that no one is perfect and everyone has doubts. We all struggle, but as we turn to our Savior continually we will find peace and hope.

On Friday I had exchanges with my district leader. Sister Page is from Australia and is super friendly. She is an amazing missionary and taught me about being confident in my own knowledge and allowing the Holy Ghost to guide the work. No matter what we are doing we can receive strength from the Lord if we have faith and open our hearts. Sunday was the face to face with Elder Gong. The square was busier becuase of the event. The Tabernacle was entirely closed off to the public. Although I wasn't able to watch it live, Sister Sims and I watched it afterward while we were on the computers. The new youth program seems like a great opportunity to help youth get more involved in their own progression. I know that as they set realistic goals, that they want to achieve, they can work harder and do things they never imagined. As a missionary we set goals for every week, every day, and every hour. We are able to get so much done in a short period of time becuase of goal setting.

The most exciting part of this week was on Monday. Sister Sims will be leaving for South Carolina Monday morning and I will be getting a new companion. I don't know who she is or what I will be doing yet. I don't even know when my next pday will be. It is all a total mystery. Yesterday, though, the moving list came out. This is a list of sisters that are changing rooms. It says if they are moving within the building or to the other building. I found out that I will be moving to the other building. This means I will have an entirely new zone. I could be over west gate, welfare square, or humanitarian center. I will find out on Friday what is happening. For now I have to start packing to be prepared for moving day on Saturday morning.


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