November 5, 2019


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Amber Sims

November Has Begun

I have reached November, which means Christmas! Just kidding, but seriously the Christmas decorations are being finished and are ready to be turned on starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. There is a whole nativity scene on the grass area in front of the North Visitor Center and I will send pictures of it when everything is done.

Last week was of course Halloween which was a very fun day. We started on square at 9 AM and the square closed at 5 PM. All the sisters made there way down to the mission home for dinner and a fun time. Many sisters were dressed up in fun outfits. Bob Ross with happy trees, minnie mouse (me), Jane from Tarzan (Sister Sims), aliens, Disney everything, and much more. We all met in the theater below South where we have relief society. We had spaghetti and salad for dinner as a mission and they explained the rules to playing capture the flag. The two teams were determined by which of the two buildings we lived in. We each got glow sticks (blue and yellow). My team hid the flag in the south visitor center and we were allowed to run around the square. It was super fun. Unfortunately, with around 100 sisters on each side there were too many people to try to steal the flag on either side. It was a standstill. Finally, the presidency called a halt and we made our way to the largest theater in North Visitor Center to watch a movie. We got to watch the new cinderella movie. There is nothing like a princess/romance movie in a room with 200 girls. Needless to say there was much screaming. She sees prince *screams* fairy god mother *screams* ballroom dance *screams* you get the picture. It was still a great movie with the motto "have courage and be kind". The day was amazing, but ran a little late. We didn't get home until 11:00, but president told us just before the movie started that we could sleep in an extra hour that night. Overall, super fun and exciting.

Not to much else exciting happened this week. I started reading the book Saints. It is about the restoration told more in a narrative. It is a really good read and teaches more about the lesser known miracles of the pioneer times. I really enjoy reading and learning more about Joseph Smith and all the people of his time. On Saturday, capriottis opened for a soft opening. It was being built for years but finally opened. Apparently none of the sisters had ever heard of it before, but it is all over Vegas. They gave away free sandwiches for the training if there new staff and now are officially open. I'm sure plenty of sisters will give them business.

This morning we were able to attend the 7 AM session at the Salt Lake City temple. We forgot to go last transfer, so we wanted to remember to fit it in. Next transfer will be the last time I can go through before it closes. That is about all for this week. Tomorrow we have zone conference and Sister Sims and I will be singing "If the savior stood beside me." We are excited for another day of learning and teaching. Never forget to look for the small miracles in life. They occur all around us if only we had the eyes to see. Have courage and be kind. Talk to you all next week!


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