October 29, 2019


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Amber Sims

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is coming up. I am so excited! Of course, I have to start with the rest of the week first. On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to cover Welfare Square. Two companionships are there from 9 to 4 on Monday thru Friday to give tours and explain the welfare program in the church. There weren't a lot of tours to give, but we take people through the bishop storehouse, warehouse, cannery, DI, and the dairy. It was really fun and interesting. If anyone is ever looking for something fun to do in Salt Lake, I would highly recommend visiting the visitor center at welfare square. There are even treats at the end! The reason we had to cover is not as happy. Our district leader and her companion were assigned, but we had to take over for them. It is very sad, but Sister Merryman was in our last district (and is the district leader companion in our new district) but she was sent home this week. She's been having a hard time and was honorably released. We love her so much and will miss her in the mission.

Thursday was filled with many meetings. We started the day with relief society and they gave us nice flashlights to remember to turn on the light inside of us for everyone to see. It was a great talk about self-confidence and loving everyone. Afterward we had a 2-hour missionary training meeting about new ways to work with people online. Lately the online queue has been really dead and we are working on reconnecting with people that we have lost contact with. A third meeting followed with our weekly district council meeting. This week was different, because our district leader was waiting for a new companion. There were two Canadian sisters in the MTC with us that had to go back to Canada to wait for their visas. They were finally able to join us on square. Sister Page (my district leader) will be training one of them, so she will be in my district for the remainder of this transfer.

This week Sister Sims and I also decided to start a "BOO". We bought some cookies and snuck it in front of some sister's doors with a note to enjoy and pass it on. It was a little late to start it, but we hope it brings a little joy to some of the sister’s lives. Online teaching is still going great. We have a person that we are teaching all the missionary lessons to over the phone. He really wants to rediscover his savior and we are excited to help him learn. He can't meet with local missionaries so we are teaching him all the lessons in the mean time. Another person came on a chat asking how she can better remember God without it disrupting her life. She was afraid of always feeling like she was doing things wrong. We assured her that God loves her no matter what. He wants all of us to succeed and find joy in our lives. Thinking of Him should make us feel safer and protected. We want to do better to make Him proud, but He will love us no matter what.

On Sunday we had the announcing after Music and the Spoken Word like every week. Sister Sims was able to do it and I recorded the whole thing. I will post it on my mission album if anyone wants to see it. During the entire morning it was snowing. Big flakes coming from the sky, cold but pretty to look at. Yesterday was less exciting, except that one of our zone leaders, Sister Kearns (my old district leader), was helping someone push their car up a hill and she tripped and hurt her knees. There was a somewhat deep gash in one and the other knee was very swollen. Luckily, thanks to my mom's excellent packing skills. I found some large bandages for her to use in my first aid kit. She is doing much better today and we were happy to see her walking around like normal.

Today we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch again, but it was supposed to snow all day today and we didn't want to push our luck. Coming up this week is Halloween. As missionaries, we can't wear costumes, but we can definitely customize outfits to give the impression of characters or other things. I have heard that many sisters will be dressing up as Elders. They will wear slacks with a white dress shirt and no flag on there tag. I decided to look like Minnie Mouse. I have a read and white polka-dotted skirt and black everything else to wear. Last Halloween the sisters got to play capture the flag, but we will aren’t sure what we are doing this year. Square closed at 5pm on Thursday, and all the sisters will stay there until 9pm. We will have a few hours to have a fun time as a missionary and we are all looking forward to the event.

I think that's about it for this week, hopefully next week I will be able to tell you about how Halloween went. Don’t forget how much I love everyone reading this, and always remember that God loves you no matter what. See you next week!

Here is a link to the Announcing Video:


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