October 22, 2019


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Amber Sims

Second transfer has begun

Last Tuesday was Thanksgiving and we had a great meal. Canadian Thanksgiving that is. It was an awesome start to the week. The next day was transfer day. Sisters leave for their outbound sister come from outbound. More go home and new sisters come in. Everyone struggles to find their new companions. Luckily I stayed with Sister Sims so I didn't have to deal with all the craziness. Although we have a feeling she will go outbound next transfer so I may get a new companion in six weeks, but we will see. I am in my second transfer now, which will end just before thanksgiving.

On Thursday was relief society and all the new and returning sisters introduced themselves. That day we had our second transfer meeting to let us know we survived the first six weeks. Later that day I meet my new district. My district leader is Sister Page from Australia and the other companionship is two sisters from the Philippines. Also on Thursday I met the Hill family. They served with my dad in England and they tried to find me. It was great to meet them!

Other events include meeting a lady whose great many grandfather helped to build the temple. She had pieces of granite that come from little cottonwood canyon and gave us each one. It was so sweet. It makes me remember how important the temple is in our lives. It was built for us to come closer to God and have our family with us forever.

On Saturday it was Sister Merryman's birthday. She was the companion to my district leader last transfer as well as to our new leader this transfer. She is so sweet. We bought her a crumble cookie and hid it at her door. Shhhhh, don't tell it's a secret. It also rained that day, which reminds me that I am not in Vegas anymore. Oh well, I still love being here and talking to new people everyday.

Everyday we teach new people. We study the scriptures with investigators and returning members over the phone. Our only goal is to help others grow closer to Christ. I was reminded again this week of how little we know of our impact on others lives. We might find people totally uninterested, but they might see our live and kindness and remember it when they are ready to learn more. We have a few people on baptismal date and we pray for them everyday that they will have their hearts softened and continue to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. When there heart is open, they can truly see the benefit of turning their lives to Christ

Don't forget to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and love everyone around you. God lives us so much and through His Son we can do anything.

P.S. Don't forget if you want to see pictures let me know or let my mom know and she can share the Google album with you.


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