October 15, 2019


Temple Square (South 1 District)


Sister Amber Sims

Transfer Week!

This week we had a special guest visit us on Thursday. Sister Sims and I got up at 5:00a and made our way down to the square. The gates don't open until 6, but a maintenance worker let us in early. We got decent seats as one of the first people there. Elder Holland came in at 6:45 and we all got to shake his hand. He taught us about the importance of where we are. We were given the blessing of being the first impression of the church for so many people. Our job is to help them understand what we believe and who we are. We, along with all missionaries, are called and set apart to share the message of Jesus Christ. The same as the apostles. In fact he said we were apostles (with a little a instead of a big A). Through our missionary work we can bless people, our families, and ourselves. I have so many opportunities to teach everyday. My goal is to become better and better and sharing my testimony and helping people realize the blessings of the gospel.

Every week we have different experiences this week a lady came in crying because she lost her car. We pieced together what she remembered about parking her car to help her find it again. On Friday a Sister Bulloch from my home ward came to the square. I talked to some sisters that morning. One lived in Oregon and I told her about a guy in my ward serving there named Elder Bulloch. Later that day I was downstairs in Guest Services and the sisters found me and told me they had seen the mother of the missionary I talked about that morning. It's funny the way things work out.

This week is transfer week of course. I have official been on my mission for my first transfer of twelve. On Saturday the new sisters coming to square got to visit for there Temple Square Experience. We are all excited for them to join us on the square. The transfer board came out yesterday and I am still with Sister Sims. Training is 2 transfers so we expected to be together. Unfortunately, our roommates are moving out and getting new companions. We found out no one is coming to replace them. It will just be Sister Sims and I for the next transfer. This transfer will end the day before Thanksgiving, we will see how it works as it gets closer. Today was moving day, and all the sisters moved their things to there new apartments. Tomorrow everyone will switch around and try to find their new companion.

In other news we have two people on date to be baptized this week and a third for November. The baptisms are on Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully they still happen. The one in November is a totally for a person I referred! The people we are teaching are going great. We live them all and try our best to read with them and help them progress in the gospel. Hopefully, next week I can tell you more good news.

I new goal we are setting for this next transfer is to consider everyday the best day so far. Nothing is perfect, but we can always strive to be better. Some have noticed how willing Sister Sims and I are to cover shifts and to always be on time. Our goal is to be as good as we can. Blessings only come from obedience.

Last thing to mention is the Book of Mormon videos. I hope you are all watching them. They are AMAZING! We watch them every Friday. If you aren't you can definitely start now. For better motivation try reading the Book of Mormon just before watching each video. I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here everyday. As Elder Holland told us every minute our mission is more productive at bringing people the gospel than any other mission in the world. We don't see everyone we teach, but we love them and support them in their endeavor to learn.

P.S. Sorry I don’t include pictures anymore. My phone is struggling to add pictures to emails correctly. If you would like to see photos, I will be posting them to a google photo album each week. I can add anyone who is interested in seeing some pictures


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