August 29, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Sister Chalet Tauati

Last MTC Update

I have officially been at the MTC for 3 weeks. Which means I have one week remaining. I leave next Wednesday the 4th of September at 6:45. I am the travel leader for the square sisters and will be in charge of tickets and other things. I'm not sure when my next email will be sent, becuase my P-day will probably change when I leave. For any sending me letters. I would hold them past Saturday and send them on Tuesday to the Square.

This week has definately been very crazy. On Friday some of the teachers put on a funny play about missionaries working with members. It was super funny. They made jokes about the weird stuff that is in the MTC orange juice, (this is a rumor that goes around the MTC). They also mentioned the best past time of missionaries the elevator raves. Put twenty people in one elevator, cover up the lights, and yell loudly until the door opens. We have contests to see how many people we can fit in one elevator. Does it make sense no, but it definately brings joy.
Later Friday, Sister Tauati and I were asked to teach Relief Society. We had Saturday to prepare and taught on Sunday. We talked about the restoration of the church and found a great video explaining dispensations. I would invite any interested to watch it.

After our lesson we had departure interviews for our district. Which meant movie marathon. We watched the life of President Thomas S. Monson and the Restoration through Joseph Smith. It was a great last day with our district. Monday morning we started Visitor Center training. There are 11 sisters and 9 are going to the square. 2 are going to the Washignton D.C. visitor center. There was one sister without a companion, so she joined Sister Tauati and I. Her name is Sister Wong from Hong Kong. She can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. She is super cool. She moved into our room becuase sadly our district and roommates left Tuesday morning for the field. I am excited for them, and ready to do the same for myself.

Now I can talk about the new training schedule. The last 3 weeks we learned how to teach, introduce ourselves, etc. in regular missionary training. In visitor center training we practice calling people. When anyone requests a bible or book of mormon online it's up to the VC sisters to call and verify and invite them to lessons online or in person. Little did you know that everything we do online is done using our first name. It's easier for people to connect with us through technology if we don't introduce ourselves as Sister. So far we have only done practice calls with paid people, but later today we will start contacting actual people with real requests. We can then follow up on lessons with people, along with our companions we can teach complete lessons with people over phone or just through a chat. The other thing we have been doing is practicing tours. Our goal is to bring others closer to Christ through informing them about the history of the church. We practiced giving a solo tour to the TRC (paid person to investigate for practice). We showed some of the beautiful murals in the classroom building. Yesterday we gave a tour to two people. This was to practice teaching a group and trying to connect with multiple people at once. I am very excited for tonight. We are giving member tours. This means they invited members from outside the MTC to come and have a tour of the MTC with us. It will be different than touring with the TRC's. Hopefully I can tell you more next week.

I know this was a long winded email. If you didn't read it all I understand. I dont know when my next P-Day is, but I am so excited to be in the square next week. I'm grateful for the opportunity to do the Lord's work. Until next week.
Sister Emily Christensen

Pictures below:
Our district with teacher Sister Kemp
Our district with teacher Sister Gordon
Our district name tags
Provo temple
Sister Wong
A few of the visitor center sisters in front of the temple
My trip companionship


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