August 22, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Sister Chalet Tauati

MTC Update

Well I've made it to through two weeks and I'm halfway done with the MTC. This is the last P-day for my district, they leave on Tuesday. No idea what district we are moving to if there is one. I guess I'll let you know next week when i actually get some new information. Unlike last week I'm typing all of my email on my Phone. Last week I typed on a computer and it deleted the whole draft and I had to restart. That will NOT happen this time. Last week I was able to attend the Provo temple with my district. I was really grateful for the opportunity to go through a session with the sisters. It was just sad that it was my first session I went without my mother.

So far we have had seven different teachers. We have two regular teachers, our morning teacher missed one day and we had a sub. My afternoon teacher missed the whole week. We had one sub on for the first day and another sub for the rest of the week. Unfortunately the other sub was diabetic and had something occur and went to the hospital. She is fine now thank goodness, but that day our district was split between two teachers. The next day we had another new sub. It was a little crazy, but interesting to learn from different points of view.

On Sunday we got to teach a lesson. We taught about enduring to the end during our district council class. Sunday is interesting in General, basically we have sacrement, relief society/priesthood, and four different Sunday school classes. It's a lot. To close each Sunday we have choir practice and devotional. The choir practice is performed at our Tuesday devotionals. This Sunday we had Tad R. Callister. He spoke about arguments against the Book of Mormon it was very interesting. Joseph Smith performed a miracle as he translated the Book of Mormon. I'm grateful for the work he did to bring the true gospel back to the Earth.

On Monday I got a package from my mother that was filled with handkerchiefs. I folded my trust mouse and got two of the elders to jump, it was hilarious to see. On Tuesday we had another devotional. We sang and different version of I know that my redeemer lives. Usually we find out the speaker just before devotional starts and that day was no different. What we did hear was that the Provo devotional would be broadcast to every MTC worldwide. This obviously peaked the interest of the missionaries. Finally they announced the speaker. Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came you speak to the missionaries at the Provo MTC. Thanks to being in choir I had an awesome seat to see and hear everything. He taught us about how the Holy Ghost works. As long as we are good he is always with us. He will guide us without our every knowing about it. As long as we continue moving forward the Holy Ghost can guide us to where we need to be. It was a great blessing to hear him speak to us.

I'm excited for my district to leave and go to the field, I dont k work exactly what will happen, but I know we all will all be guided to the places we need to be. I'll keep you updated. My next P-day should still be Thursday.
Until next week,
Sister Emily Christensen


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