August 15, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Sister Chalet Tauati

Emily's First Missionary Update

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone that wanted to receive my updates is on this list. Today is finally my first P-day at the MTC. It was been just over a week since I arrived at the MTC, but it feels like a month has gone by. I found out that I can read all my letters and emails as soon as they come in, I just can't send replies until preparation day. The first thing I can say about my week is that living with other sisters is new. I've never really had to share a bathroom, much less a communal one with an entire floor of sisters. My companion's name is Sister Tauati. She is from the big island of Hawaii and will be traveling to temple square with me. Fun fact, before I went to the MTC I had a video meeting with one of the teachers for the visitor center sisters. Another girl in the meeting was going to the square the same day as me and her name was Chalet Tauati. Super awesome! My other roommates are Sister Brookes and Sister Anderson who will be going to the Srizona Gilbert Mission. So far the MTC has been a fun and spiritual experience.
The day I arrived I met my companion and we went to a workshop called People and Your Purpose. There three TRC's met with all the new missionaries to introduce a discussion. A TRC is a person, member or nonmember, that is paid to be taught by the missionaries in training, they are not allowed to tell us whether or not they are a member of the church.
The next day Thursday (was not a p day because it was only our second day there) we had a class to practice introducing ourselves to people in the field. Later we had a meeting with our district. There are 12 of us including the four sisters. We were told our district leader and other information we needed to know. Sister Tauati and I were also called as Branch Music Coordinators. This means we are in charge if choosing the music for the meetings on Sunday.
On Sunday the new missionaries had a chance to listen to a recorded talk by David A Bednar called "Character of Christ". It was older put explained how our goal is to show people how we are look like Christ and to serve people as Christ would.
Monday was the first TRC Sister Tauati and I taught together. We met Emerald in a room and got to know her. She is a student at Provo and was willing to listen to our message about Jesus Christ. I am very much looking forward to teaching her more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I don't want to make this letter to long so I want be boring with too many details. I know I am learning so much about how to be kinder and more sincere to the people around me in order to better share the gospel. I sang in the MTC choir and look forward to continuing to share my light with the world. Everyday is jam packed with classes, studying and learning. If anyone has any more specific questions I encourage them to email me. I can't respond until Thursday, but I will find an answer. I will close off with saying that I am happy to be here at the MTC in the service of my Lord. I love you and will update again next week!


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