August 27, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Steed

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 23

This week was great! It's crazy how fast this month has gone by. I can't believe next week is transfers already! Time on the mission feels like it goes by so fast but also so slow at the same time, it's really weird.
Anyways, this week we have been dendoing (proselyting) long hours in the heat which has been a little tough but so so fun! I could sit here and wallow about how hard it is and how hot it is or whatever but instead I try every day to have a positive attitude about it. Whenever it's hard or I begin to be negative, I just think about how lucky I am to be sharing this gospel here and how right now I get the chance to find the people that the Lord has prepared. A lesson I learned from my beloved MTC companion, Sister Foote, CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!
Some things that happened during proselyting though: one lady chased us down when we were walking in this neighborhood and she said "it's hot out and I feel bad and I want to help and this is the best I can do so I hope it helps! Take care of yourselves!" She handed us bottles of sports drink. It was so kind of her and it was crazy because we didn't talk to her and I've never seen her before. I know that she was definitely sent by God.
Also, we stopped a high school girl and she said that she received a Book of Mormon from the missionaries a few months ago (I gave it to her a while back) and she said she had been reading it and even though it was difficult to understand. She said she liked it and said she would keep reading with it. That moment testified to me that I am making a difference every single day and I helped that girl come into Christ, even if it was just giving her a Book of Mormon a few months back. The ripple effect is real!
This week we had a lesson with our investigator みいけ and it was awesome! Her problem before was that she wouldn't pray and this week we testified about prayer using the Book of Mormon and our personal experiences. We had an awesome member teaching with us, she's a recent convert of about 2 years and she bore her testimony about how she came to know the church was true and helped settle some of our invetigators doubts. In the beginning of the lesson she said she would not pray and then later on she said that she would try to pray this week and then finally at the end of the lesson she prayed!! We are so excited! In the beginning of the lesson I was so worried with how it was going but then I prayed the entire time of that lesson that we would have the Spirit, that we would be able to say what we need to say to help her, and to address her needs. I felt the Spirit bearing testimony through what we were teaching and it was incredible! I'm thankful for this wonderful opportunity to share this gospel and to help others come unto Christ. I have learned that I need to rely on Him and like and Alma 12:26, I am nothing without Him.
-Sister Atwood


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