August 14, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Steed

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 21

This week was a week full of dendo (proselyting) and finding less actives. It has reached the point where it's so hot and humid that it doesn't even bother me anymore haha, which is good. So these past couple of days have been holidays for most of the people here in Japan. Lot of people are off of work and coming together as families for this huge Buddhist holiday. There's tons of people walking around each day with their families so it's super fun.
Last Wednesday (8/9) was the 72nd anniversary of the atomic bomb dropping in Nagasaki. The whole day had kind of an eerie feeling to it. At 11:02am (when the bomb dropped) the sirens went off throughout the city and everyone on the street and in their cars stopped and had a moment of silence. It was really interesting. Also around Peace park and the hypocenter, they had tons of decorations and things. We spent that day trying to find this one less active and while we were searching for it we ended up talking to 7/11 cashiers, a random lady in her house, a man at the bus stop, a pharmacist, the post office man, etc. We stopped this one man and asked if he knew where the address was and he asked if we were Americans and he smiled and was like "oh, you guys are the ones who bombed us when I was a baby! But it's okay, I was too young to remember it." Then he smiled and was oddly positive about it. At the pharmacy all the pharmacists took the address we were looking for and spent like 15 minutes trying to look it up and searching up the name in the directory, looking at atlases, etc. It was so funny, but also so helpful of them. Finally, the main doctor was like "the addresses around here changed like 20 years ago so that address doesn't exist anymore." Everyone in Japan is so helpful and so ready to help search for less actives with you!!
Another day we spent all day in downtown Nagasaki looking for these less-actives and we prayed to know which person to focus on and where to go and we felt impressed to go to this one on the top of this mountain (the area was literally called "West Mountain"). So we went there and we climbed all the stairs and got stuck in a wild goose chase because the address didn't exist. Luckily there was a man standing there and we asked him if he knew where the address was and he said he didn't know the area but let me help you find it, so he looked it up on google maps and couldn't find it and then tried the city directory and found out that the addresses had changed a while back and she actually lived a few blocks down. So we were able to find her and we knocked on her door and talked to her! She hadn't seen the missionaries in 30-40 years and she seemed pretty happy to see us. I know that if we hadn't had been at the right place at the right time and guided by the Spirit, we wouldn't have found that man who helped us find the new address and we wouldn't have been able to find the less-active! I am so grateful for the Spirit and it's guidance in my life. Missionary work would be impossible without it!
Besides less-actives, we have been out everyday talking to as many people as we can and we have had some really awesome converstaions with people about prayer, eternal families, God, the Book of Mormon, etc. I love getting to go out everyday and share this message of happiness with everyone.
I love you all!
-Love, Sister Atwood
アトウッド 姉妹


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