July 25, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Steed

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 18

This week was a crazy week! Lots happened and it's hot and humid and I'm dying every day because it's so hot. But it's okay because me and Sister Steed always tell each other that each day is one day closer to winter.
This week consisted of playing volleyball at a junior high school, going to a Studio Ghibli musuem, biking up hills (of course), and seeing miracles!
One funny story for this week: One day we were trying to find this less active and it was impossible to find her address. For those who don't know, the address system in Japan is sooo messed up and it's so hard to find people's houses. But anyways, we decided to go to this nearby fancy hotel and ask for help and we talked to this one staff member and he pulled out his phone and looked up the address for us on Google maps and then we thought he was just going to point us in the right direction and that was going to be the end of it but then he walked with us down to the street, around the corner, up the hill, and into the winding streets of Nagasaki. We had our own Japanese tour guide haha! After 20 minutes of searching high and low, we ended up finding the less-active house! We were so grateful for that hotel staff member who went searching for less-actives with us that morning.
Another cool miracle about following the spirit: One night we were on our way to this neighborhood where we wanted to proselyte in and on the way there we felt prompted to turn around and go the opposite way and we ended up talking to this one girl who was way excited and way interested! She actually was a foreign exchange student in Ventura, CA which is nearby where me and Sister Steed are from! We were able to make a return appointment with her and talk about the gospel. I know that if we didn't follow the spirit than we would not have been able to find her that night. I know that the Spirit does speak to us and will always give us comfort and warn us and help us when we need it!
Anyways, Nagasaki is just as amazing and beautiful as ever! I love being a missionary!
Love you all,
Sister Atwood


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