July 17, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Steed

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 17

Hello from Nagasaki!!! This week is my 6 month mark and I actually can't believe it! I can't believe that 6 months ago I left for my mission and 4 months ago I came to Japan. The time has seriously flown by. It's crazy. I'm so grateful to get this opportunity to be here in Japan and serve all these amazing people and share the gospel. In these 6 months, I have already learned so much and I have grown so much. I have grown so much closer to my Savior as well. If any of you are wonderig whether or not to serve a mission, I can only give you Nike's motto: JUST DO IT. Seriously, the best 2 years/18 months of your life! Have these past 6 months been the hardest of my life so far? Probably. Have they also been the happiest 6 months of my life? Definitely. I can say without a doubt that this is the Lord's work and I get so much joy knowing that I have a hand in His work. Everyday I get to work towards bringing others to Christ. He is the reason for me going out everyday and talking to tons of random people and for me biking up mountains in the hot summer weather... I'd do all of it for my Savior and that's what I've come to know and live. It is because of the Savior we have received so many blessings and we need to share them with others by serving others and sharing the gospel. The greatest commandments are to love the God and to love others and I have come to live that through my mission. There is nothing that will bring you more happiness than serving our Lord and serving others.
Anyways, as far as things happened this week... We got hit by the craziest thunderstorm that shook our apartment building (literally thought it was the end of the world). We hunted down tons of less-actives and ended up in the most bizzare places. We had to go deep into the forest to find a less-active and I swear, me and Sister Steed both thought we had entered Jurrassic Park. I wouldn't be surpised if we did, to be perfectly honest. Honestly we have had so many adventures deep in the wild. Oh, and also, I got hit by a car on my bike while trying to go to this Jurassic Park. My bike was fine and I literally walked away without a scratch, so don't start freaking out. Let' just say that this week has definitely been an adventure!!
All these crazy things happening might make you think why on earth I am still out here doing all the crazy things I'm doing. Missionary life might seem like the most taihen (Japanese word for difficult or annoying or terrible situation) experience but let me tell you, I would get hit by a million cars every day so that I could still get to preach the gospel to these wonderful people. For example, just the other day we met a Japanese women and when we were talking to her at her door we asked her what her happiest time is and she said "when I'm nice to others" and then she said "chotto matte" which means "wait a second" and she came back with cherries that she bought and she gave them to us and continued to talk about how when she is nice to others and loves others, she feels a lot of happiness. Right then, we started to testify about Christ and how Christ taught everyone to love and serve others. I love how I get to love and serve these wonderful kind amazing Japanese people that I love so dearly. I get to testify of Christ every single day and share this wonderful message of happiness. I love my mission and I love Japan and I wouldn't take back this experience for the world. I love my Savior and I know that he lives. I love you all!
Sister Atwood


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