July 3, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Steed

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 15

今週は本当に楽しかったです!! 長崎が大好きです!(This week was so fun! I love Nagasaki!)
Happy 4th of July to everyone in America!! Of course, there will be no Independence Day happening here in Japan but I will definitely be celebrating it on Tuesday!
Anyways, so this week was crazy and a lot of different things happened but long story short I got a new companion transferred in and my new companion is a very old friend named Sister Charlotte Steed!!! If any of you are from Valencia or Stevenson Ranch you know who I'm talking about. Let's just say we have been having a blast in Nagasaki! We are taking it by storm!! When we both got our mission calls to the same mission before we left we both thought it would be crazy if we became companions and well, it happened!! Woohoo!!
Things have really been progressing here in Nagasaki. However, it has been so so hot and humid and I never thought that the world could be this humid. It's so humid that you walk outside and in two seconds you are covered in dripping sweat. Not to mention that it has been on and off raining. But through all of this, we have been seeing SO many miracles.
First off, our investigator named Maho, who I talked a little bit about before, (the young college student from Okinawa who was a student exchange student in America with a Mormon family) has a baptismal date!!!! However, she wants to find her own testimony but she said that she would get baptised if she gained her own testimony by the date we set!! It was so so amazing!! We're so so excited for her. It's a total miracle that we found her because when we first met her she didn't know that there were Mormon missionaries in Japan and she wanted to meet with them but one day we knocked on her door and the rest is history! She is so sweet and really wants to learn more about the gospel and is searching for the truth.
Last night all of us missionaries went to our mission leader, Ohira-kyoudai's, house for dinner and it was way fun. Afterwards he took us up to this lookout place on the top of this hill by his house and we got to see all of Nagasaki with twinkling lights and it was soooo pretty. The night view of Nagasaki city is apparently the 3rd best in the world. It was seriously one of the prettiest things that I've ever seen. I love Nagasaki and I love the miracles that we are seeing every single day. The Lord really does have his hand in this work!
Love you all!
-Sister Atwood


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