June 13, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Macfarlane

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 12

Hello everyone! This week is transfer week! It's crazy to think that I'm already done with 2 transfers... my companion is leaving for Hiroshima this week. I'm really excited for her but I'm going to miss her so so much. We have become such good friends. She is such an amazing missionary and one of the most Christlike people. We have had a lot of fun together and I'll miss doing this work with her. She'll be great in Hiroshima though. My new companion is Sister Reyes. She's from Mexico and speaks Spanish and speaks very good Japanese and some English. I'm excited though because I hear she is a fantastic missionary. This is just going to be such a new adventure!!
This last week has been so great! We went to Isahaya for P-day and we had district P-day with our 4 Brazilian elders. We played soccer (of course) and we crashed a regional high school track meet which was so cool. It was in this giant stadium and it was so intense.
Anyways, this week we also had a ping-pong night in our branch and it was so fun. Our mission leader is over 70 years old but man, can he play some ping pong. It was absolutely a blast. Also, we got a lot of our young investigators to come so it was awesome!!
One night this week we had some really cool/interesting contacts. First off there was this one girl we stopped at a crosswalk and we started talking about why we're here and about our church and then she interrupted and said (in Japanese) "I'm sorry, I'm playing Pokémon Go right now and there's a Charizard across the street" and she showed us her phone and it showed the map with the Charizard and then the light turned green and she booked it across the street and stood in the middle of the adjacent intersection and tried to catch the Pokémon. It was honestly one of the funniest moments I've had so far. So yes, in case you're wondering, Pokémon Go is alive and thriving here in Japan.
On a more serious note, another contact we had was a lady we stopped and instead of going into our normal spiel, I felt prompted to ask her if she had ever thought about God before and she said yes (which is usually not the answer we ever get) and we started to talk about God and we testified about God. I told her that He knows our hard times and He knows what we're going through and that God will be there to help us always. She started to cry and after a while she said "thank you, that was exactly what I needed to hear". She said that she was glad that we met. It was honestly one of the most spiritual contacts I've ever had. It just proves that God does look out for us and He knows our situations and our trials. I can testify of that!
Anyways, onto a new transfer and a new adventure!!
Sister Atwood


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