May 28, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Macfarlane

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 10

This week was a good week! Just a few things that happened this week: we witnessed a building burning down in Nagasaki, got kicked off the grounds of Nagasaki University, received 200 potatoes from a member in our branch, taught English to two random junior high school girls...Yeah, it was a great week! It's been getting pretty hot recently so I'm just bracing for summer. Nagasaki still is beautiful as ever though!
Anyways, pretty short email but one Christlike attribute I've been focusing on this week is "Faith in Christ." I've learned that as long as we have faith in Christ, there's nothing that we can't do. Our faith can strengthen us in times of need and give us hope. As we read the scriptures, pray, and do things that draw us closer to Christ, our faith will become stronger in Him. Our faith can be a light in our darkest times. Every single day I'm trying to exercise my faith and trying to see as many miracles as I can. Have faith みんさん!!
Speaking of miracles, this week we met with one of our investigators who is from China! She is really cool and we went to our second lesson with her and we taught her a little bit about the Restoration. It's really cool because we're all communicating in Japanese which is not our first language! But anyways, we checked up on how she was doing and she said she read the Book of Mormon all the way up until 2nd Nephi! It was so cool! She said she loved it even though it was a little confusing. But we helped explain some things she didn't understand and we ended up having a great lesson. We are just seeing so many miracles in all of our lessons!
Anyways, the elders had a baptism yesterday and after church the members made a meal and it was so fun! So many miracles in Nagasaki!
Have a great week!
Sister Atwood


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