May 14, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Macfarlane

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 8

Hello from Nagasaki! We are all 元気! This week not much happened but it was still good! It was rainy again so we've been wearing our かっぱs (rain suits). It's weird but I actually love biking through the rain in a rain suits! I absolutely love everything about being a missionary!
Anyways tiny miracle this week: we found a girl from Okinawa who was a foreign exchange student in Colorado for a year with a Mormon family! She loved them and even met with the sister missionaries there. She was so excited to meet us because she never knew if there were missionaries here in Japan or not. It's definitely a miracle that we found her! We're really excited to meet with her!
Anyways, so this week, all in the same day, us Nagasaki missionaries crashed a wedding, had a 4-course meal with the Nagasaki Lions Club for their annual seminar, and pulled weeds on top of the Nagasaki Station all while wearing t-shirts and basketball shorts (service clothing). It all started from showing up at the station for a service project which all went well but then the Nagasaki Lions Club (the people we were doing the service with us) pulled us into the nearby hotel for a "little lunch" which ended up being a fancy 4-course meal where they discussed their annual agenda and important stuff. All of us missionaries were wearing our service clothes so it felt really awkward. The president of the club had all of us do speeches too which was very random haha. We just did a small introduction and we also talked about why we were here in Japan as well. The meeting was actually super awesome because we got to talk to so many people too and talk about our church. But still, probably the weirdest service project I've ever been too. On our way out, we all accidentally walked into a wedding that had just ended and the couple was making their way down the aisle and us missionaries stood there while we ruined their wedding pictures. So now that Japanese couple has pictures of their wedding with 6 foreign Mormon missionaries in basketball shorts and t-shirts. Yeah, so honestly one of the weirdest days of my mission so far. But honestly we have so many fun adventures. For instance, almost every day little kids say "hello!" to us in funny Japanese accents or high school age boys or old men shout "you are beautiful!" in terrible English. Or sometimes old Japanese grandmas come up and start touching me and my companion's hair and comment on how pretty it is. Despite this, I really do love the Japanese people. I absolutely love Japan! I am so lucky!
Anyways, I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Atwood


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