May 8, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Macfarlane

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 7

This week was great! It's crazy that I'm already on my second transfer! Wow! Anyways, last P-day we found these cool koi flags for Children's Day, went to a Studio Ghibli musuem (unfortunately you couldn't take pictures inside), and then the hypocenter where the atomic bomb dropped. It was so awesome!
This week we talked to so many people. I can just see my Japanese getting better and better, even though it's still really difficult. Just a few fun things that happened this week: we talked to this cute junior high school age girl in a soccer outfit who asked if she could take a picture with us, Macfarlane shimai almost got run over by an ambulance (the irony) , I almost got run over by a bus.. yeah its been a great week!!
The other day we had one of the hardest days where every single thing seemed to go wrong. It was terrible weather and we were just discouraged and tired. We were wandering around that night looking for places to stop and we felt that one apartment building looked good. After a few doors shut in our face, we knocked into this one lady who talked in perfect English about how she was Catholic and she knew who she was and she said she knew how hard it was. She told us to not give up and keep going and even though it's hard, keep spreading the gospel of Christ. It was exactly what we needed to hear. She gave us apples and invited us in. She had her son play piano for us and that kid was an absolute prodigy. We sat in her house for a bit and talked about our beliefs. She continued to tell us to not give up and we're here in Japan for a reason and she told us that if we ever needed help to come back and we were welcome. Me and Macfarlane shimai totally thought that she was an angel sent to comfort us that night. After that night, I can say now without a doubt that Heavenly Father really does look out for us and He knows each of our situatons. This work is amazing and I just love my mission! We are seeing miracles every day and I can't wait for all that's in store ahead!
Anyways, love you all!
Sister Atwood


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