April 24, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Macfarlane

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 5

This past week was awesome! Last Saturday we got to go to the Fukuoka temple and it was so so awesome! It was such a great and amazing experience to go with our recent convert, Yuko. Fukuoka is also so cool! It was such a great day!
Just some random things this week: me and Macfarlane shimai accidentally befriended a stray cat that followed us around forever, us and the elders played Signs with two random people from Brazil on a train, one Eikaiwa student (student from our English class) handed out Easter eggs that said "Happy Eeaster" or "Hapy East", a mini earthquake that freaked us all out, typhoon etc. It's been so crazy!
On Monday we had the most crazy day! We didn't have P-day that day and it was the craziest rain storm I've ever seen in my life. It was literally typhoon weather even though typhoon season doesn't start until July. It was raining soooo hard, like the hardest rain I've ever seen in my life. It was also so windy that we couldn't even safely ride our bikes. Also, thunder and lightning was cracking all around us, we thought it was the end of the world. But we went out anyways and we got completely drenched even in our rain suits and it was absolutely a blast! Me and Macfarlane shimai were the only ones on the street and people in the cars were looking at us weird as we were biking through hurricane weather but we kept laughing and just having a blast. We did missionary work through a typhoon with a smile! We ended up going into apartment buildings so we wouldn't be in the storm and we still were able to talk to plenty of people. It was just a crazy experience.
A few days we were walking around at night and a man started talking to us in English from across the street and we ended up talking to him for a while. He was from Nigeria and he was studying to be a doctor here in Nagasaki. His name was Emmanuel and he was so kind and he asked us why we were here in Japan and we told him we were missionaries and how we talk about our church and about Jesus Christ and he replied "that's absolutely amazing." He continued to tell us about his Christian faith and we all ended up walking through the streets of Nagasaki talking about Christ and our faith. He was so happy that we were here in Japan spreading the happy message of our Savior. It was such a great experience because I realized that even though our faiths were a little bit different, we all still had a strong testimony of Christ and found happiness in our lives because of Him. Sometimes I get discouraged because our investigators aren't progressing or everyone we talk to shuts the door in your face, but then there's times like when we get to talk to people like Emmanuel, or talk to a random lady and she films you while you sing a hymn to her, or just serve and be kind to random people. I've come to realize that my purpose more is to bring others unto Christ and love and serve others as He did. I have found that I am truly happiest when I forget myself as much as I can and think of others and try to serve them and love them the best way I can. Following Christ's example as much as possible truly does bless your life. Some days are hard and we all have times where we think we can't go any longer, but we just gotta hold on and know that there are always good things to come as we trust in God.
Anyways, みなを愛しています! 頑張てください! またね!♡
-Sister Atwood

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Duncan Oryek says:
" Some days are hard and we all have times where we think we can't go any longer, but we just gotta hold on and know that there are always good things to come as we trust in God. " that is very true indeed as servants of the lord we need to press on even if it is bad or good. thanks for the complement.
on April 24, 2017

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