April 9, 2017


Nagasaki, Japan


Sister Macfarlane

Hello from Nagasaki! - Week 3

こんいちは!! おはようございます!
Hello everyone! This week has been great! It's been super rainy, it just started raining on Tuesday and hasn't stopped since then. Luckily the day before I bought my rain suit so I've been fine. My rain suit consists of plastic poncho-material jacket and pants. Yes, we wear the pants over our skirts. It's actually fun to be able to wear pants. The jacket also has a visor. It's rained so hard so the suit has really helped. It kinda looks like a "hazmat" suit to be honest. But anyways despite the rain we've had an amazing week of lessons, finding, and doing great missionary work! This week has also been pretty hilarious because of the large number old japanese ladies who have yelled at us this week. But it's really funny how menacing a really old Japanese lady with a cane can be. Also this week we basically snuck onto two college campuses to proselyte. Our mission is supposed to focus on people of younger age (15-25) when we are proselyting, so we decided going onto college campuses would be our best bet. We went to the Nagasaki University and the Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. It was kinda funny because we didn't know if we were technically supposed to be there but we walked unto campus anyways and it was a lot of fun.
Anyways so this weekend was general conference! It was absolutely amazing and I loved getting to hear from the general authories and the apostles of the church! In the morning session there was a talk by Ronald A. Rasband about the Holy Ghost that I really enjoyed. Elder Rasband talked about how we need to strive to live worthy of the spirit, be willing to recieve the spirit, and we must recognize the spirit when it comes. We need to learn the language of the spirit and how to speaks to us. The spirit does not always speak with a loud voice of huge revelations, sometimes it's just a feeling like we need to do something or just a simple thought. When we have those thoughts/feelings and second guess them, and not act on the first prompting, the spirit leaves us. First prompting are from heaven. We must be first responders and have immediate reaction. As we do this, the Lord will trust us and we will recieve more promptings from the Holy Ghost. After conference I was thinking about the times where I felt the spirit and didn't respond to the spirit and I felt like I wanted to feel the spirit more. I prayed to be able to feel the spirit that night when we went out. I felt like we needed to go to Chito-sepia (a big shopping mall/shopping area/market place) and find people around there. But Macfarlane shimai, my companion, already had another idea of where to go so I didn't say anything. However, the thought of going to Chito-sepia kept coming back to my head. Macfarlane shimai asked me where I thought we should go and so I said Chito-sepia and so we went there and ended up finding tons of people who made return appointments and we're interested. One girl we talked to for a while and she said she wanted to learn more and was so excited to read the Book of Mormon and then she said she wanted to share it with her family. She was so nice and so sweet and I knew she was the one person we needed to find at Chito-sepia that night. I'm so grateful for the spirit prompting me to go to Chito-sepia that night. I know the spirit has helped my life so much and we need to constantly strive for it and live worthy to have the spirit so that we may be able to recieve it's promptings.
Anyways, I hope you all have a great week!
愛しています! がんばてください! ありがとうございます! またね!
Sister Atwood

Next week our p-day will be Saturday because we will be going to the Fukuoka temple with the Nagasaki branch and also with our recent convert Yuko.


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