March 8, 2017


Missionary Training Center


Sister Foote

Hello from the MTC! - Week 7

Just 12 days until Japan!! I'm so so excited, it's kinda crazy. Everyone jokes about how when we land in Tokyo I'm gonna just be screaming and sobbing with tears of joy and they'll have to calm me down. In all seriousness, I can't be more excited to go to Japan. Last week we got a whole new district of missionaries from Japan going to other missions in Japan. They stay here for 3 weeks only so they'll be leaving with us. It has been so much fun getting to talk to them and practice Japanese!
Anyways, this week for TRC we got to teach lessons to church members actually in Japan through Skype. Beforehand, I was super nervous because I thought that they wouldn't understand me at all or that I wouldn't be able to understand them and I was just a nervous wreck. I was so nervous that my teacher, Bahr-kyoudai shared a scripture with us from Mark 4 where Christ calmed the stomy seas. The apostles are fearful because of the storms and they said to Christ because He was sleeping while these storms were happening and they asked "Master, carest thou not that we perish?" and Christ calmed the storms immediately and said to them "Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?". Bahr-kyoudai continued to tell us that as long as we have faith, we need not fear. We talked as a class about how it's important to not fear and as long as we have faith in Christ things will be okay and we don't need to be afraid of anything that comes our way. This helped me a lot going into our lesson. We ended up getting a really nice old man called Miura-kyoudai. He is retired and lives in Japan and he was so kind and easy to understand. He told us cute stories about how he's friends with this famous band called Bless4 in Japan and it was just so fun to talk with him. We taught about prayer and about how it helps us and then I felt the prompting to ask him if his family were church members and he replied that they are, but they are inactive. I then asked him how he thinks that our message could benefit his family and he talked about how he was going to invite his family to pray with him this week. Afterwards he gave our teacher his comments and feedback and he told out teacher that he felt the Spirit really strong as we were teaching and he told us that he is more motivated to share the gospel with his family because of us. It was just a really good experience and made me so much more excited to go to Japan and help the Japanese people as much as I can.
Here's a little fun story for you all: This past week one of the elders in our district was teaching a lesson to an investigator and he has been sick this past week so he kept coughing during the lesson. He was coughing so much that he said "sumimasen, chotto bukyou desu" which means "I'm sorry, I'm a little Buddhist". What he MEANT to say was "chotto byouki" which is "I'm a little sick" So yeah he said he was a little Buddhist to an investigator. We still make fun of him for it. Honestly the messups we have in Japanese are seriously so funny.
Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your week!
またね! あいしています!

(I didn't take any pictures this week but here are some older pictures that I haven't shared)


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